Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bisexual Guy F*cks His Boyfriend and Hot Brunette


Bisexual Guy F*cks His Boyfriend and Hot Brunette -

Posted: 23 Feb 2011 02:08 AM PST

I'm going to quickly describe what happens in this video, because I want to tell you about the pleasant surprise at the end.

A brunette woman and two guys are in bed kissing. Soon, the woman and one of the men go down on the other man. More head: woman sucks man, who sucks other man, then circular oral sex ("daisy chain"). Male-female screwing, with other guy standing above them to get sucked. The other guy screws the woman from behind, and she goes down on the first guy. The men screw, and the bottom goes down on the woman. The guys continue face-to-face, and the woman strokes herself. The top pulls out, and both guys jerk off.

OK, now get this, after the guys have come, the woman masturbates to orgasm!

It's no secret that most porn is concerned with the male orgasm -- so much so, that they make sure you get a clear view of his ejaculation. Then, when the so-called "money shot" takes place, that's usually the signal that the scene is over. It's rare that you see a definite female orgasm (as opposed to the often-fake moaning during intercourse).

That's what makes the ending of this video such a joy. The woman definitely comes (she takes responsibility for her own orgasm). And she gets the last word, so to speak.

Warning: this 39-minute video is occasionally interrupted by ads for a video web site.

Update: This scene is also known as "Nice Bisexual Guy Fucks His Boyfriend and a Hot Brunette Joins the Party Helping Herself to Their Dicks."

Update 2: This scene is available uninterrupted as Tina Tyler Enjoys Bisexual Dick.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spreading santorum

I don't usually get into politics here, but this is too much:

Former Sen. Rick Santorum's crushing 18-point loss in his 2006 re-election bid in Pennsylvania seems an unlikely launching pad for a White House run.

Yet the outspoken conservative, once a rising star in the GOP, has gotten an early jump on the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, with visits to early primary and caucus states, including New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. He's hired two veteran GOP operatives in Iowa and one in New Hampshire.

Let's not forget what "santorum" means and why it's called what it is.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hot Bisexual Threesome

Here's a very nice video: Hot Bisexual Threesome. Starts with a man-woman couple getting it on -- sucking, 69, and so on. He's muscular with a long, curved penis. She's a thin brunette. She likes to touch herself as her man screws her. (This is something I like to do myself, and I like to see it in porn. You -- or your partner -- can do it, too.)

Another man walks down the beach and into their house. The first man invites him in. He's got gorgeous blue eyes and wears an earring. The woman sits on Muscles' face; she and Blue Eyes take turns sucking his cock. Blue Eyes gets into a 69 with the woman and sucks Muscles some more.

Blue Eyes screws the woman, she touches herself, and both share Muscles' cock.

The woman sits on Blue Eyes' face as Muscles gets ready to screw him. She shifts to holding his legs up, then touching herself, while cheering on the guys. Blue Eyes strokes himself to orgasm. Later, she sucks Blue Eyes and Muscles comes in her face.

Strapon until he comes


Strapon until I cum (Yuvutu)

Short, but very nice amateur video. Tip of the dildo to Married Sub for pointing this out.

Posted: 06 Feb 2011 01:54 PM PST

Sunday, February 6, 2011


In honor's of today's Super Bowl, which features men butting heads, I give you this post about men butting heads. Enjoy.

As a straight woman, I may never understand all the mysteries of gay male sexuality. But, thanks to the Interwebs, I learn things. Turns out there's a dispute about some of the most basic aspects of male sexuality.

One paradigm of male sexuality is that, at his most primal level, a man wants to penetrate the body of his lover through a suitable orifice. (Sorry for the clinical language, but I'm trying to keep this orientation-neutral.) This -- the thinking goes -- is what all men want; this is the most intimate act they can imagine. This explains why a heterosexual man wants to have intercourse with his female lover by inserting his penis into her vagina. And, if the theory is true, a homosexual man wants to have intercourse with his male lover by inserting his penis into the other man's anus.

But what if that paradigm is not the whole story? What if it's actually false?

Another paradigm goes like this: man wants to rub his genitals against those of his lover. In that case, the heterosexual man would still want to have vaginal intercourse with his female lover. But what about the homosexual man? Under this paradigm, he would want to rub his penis against the penis of his lover. And what about anal intercourse? Well, the anus isn't part of the genitalia, of course, so if you're doing that, it could only be in "pale imitation" of heterosexual intercourse, according to this theory.

Does anybody really do this? It's called frottage or frot. Apparently, it's practiced by a minority of gay men.

Does anybody really advocate that gay men practice frottage to the exclusion of anal intercourse? At least one person does: Bill Weintraub, who has the web site Heroic Homo Sex. There you will find many essays advocating frottage for gay men and pictures depicting the act. (He even says that since intercourse results in a "top" and a "bottom," it produces an inherently unequal relationship. I think millions of women who consider themselves feminists and also have intercourse with men would beg to differ with that conclusion.)

Aren't there enough people out there telling gay men what to do (and not do) in the bedroom? Do they really need it from one of their own?

However, if I were to express my own preference -- from a purely selfish point of view -- I would prefer they engage in anal intercourse, rather than frottage, simply because the former affords more scope for a woman to get involved. If two guys are screwing and a woman is invited to join in, she can:

  1. Give the bottom guy a handjob

  2. Suck the bottom guy's cock

  3. Get her pussy licked by either guy

  4. Have 69 with the bottom guy

  5. Screw the bottom guy

  6. Screw the top guy with a strap-on

If you're interested in seeing what frottage is all about, you can watch a 47-minute video with many frottage scenes.

Note 1: This post fulfills my promise to write about penises being rubbed together.

Note 2: Frottage is a consensual act between adults. It is not to be confused with what frotteurs do: non-consensual rubbing, often in public places (for example, a man rubbing himself against women in a crowded subway). That is not cool and often illegal.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Strap Attack 11 (featuring Charisma Cappelli)

I watched "Strap Attack 11" recently. My favorite scene, which features Charisma Cappelli, has a nice twist on the typical dildo-sucking sequence found in so much strap-on porn.

The scene opens with an unseen male Interviewer questioning Charisma outside her house. The dialog goes something like this (slightly edited):

Interviewer: You expect a lot from your man, huh?

Charisma: Oh, abso-fucking-lutely ... oh, you know, daily chores, laundry, dishes.

Interviewer: You don't do that shit?

Charisma: Fuck no! Why do you have a man for? You have to make him please you -- cook dinner, bathe me, wash me.

Interviewer: Why?

Charisma: Because he's my little bitch.

Interviewer: When are you nice to him?

Charisma: In bed.

Interviewer:You're a strong girl, huh?

Charisma: Yeah, I can kick his ass. If he doesn't do what I asked to get done, he gets punished.

Turns out her man (a big muscular bald guy) laundered the towels and cleaned the kitchen, but didn't make dinner. She orders him to make dinner, he refuses, and there's a little physical stuff (from both parties) I could have lived without.

"I know how you can make it up to me," she says, "by letting me fuck you for a change."

"Do I have a choice?"

"No, you don't or you're out."

After the cut, he's naked with an erection, while she's wearing a black and pink outfit with short skirt (CFNM, anyone?). They do 69, then she sits on his face and practically smothers him. When he objects, she says, "Don't stop!"

She remembers that she wants to fuck him and is soon wearing nothing but a corset, leather boots, and strap-on dildo. She has him suck it. She lies down and starts using a vibrator on herself. I don't know about you, but for me, this gave the dildo-sucking a completely different feel. It's as if his sucking is directly stimulating her real genitals. She comes multiple times, most times holding his head on her "cock" until she does so.

She rims and fingers his ass. She sucks and strokes his cock as she continues to finger his ass. "You like being my little bitch, huh?" (If this is femdom, many men would sign up in a minute!)

She slides her dildo in his ass and begins to screw him. She lies behind him and screws him some more, quite deeply too. Then she takes his ass doggy style.

She sucks his cock and then rides him reverse cowgirl. They screw so hard, the dildo falls out of the harness.

He talks about coming. "I'm going to make you fucking come," she says and pegs him until he does just that.

Find it wherever fine porn is sold, rented, and streamed.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Pegged Boyfriend

The Gap has jeans that it calls "The New Pegged Boyfriend." I can introduce them to some old pegged boyfriends if they're interested. As various bloggers have pointed out, apparently the brain trust at the Gap has never used the Internet before (and they've certainly never browsed this blog).

(From Consumerist and Dan Savage at the Portland Mercury via Violet Blue's Tiny Nibbles)