Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bisexual Guy F*cks His Boyfriend and Hot Brunette


Bisexual Guy F*cks His Boyfriend and Hot Brunette -

Posted: 23 Feb 2011 02:08 AM PST

I'm going to quickly describe what happens in this video, because I want to tell you about the pleasant surprise at the end.

A brunette woman and two guys are in bed kissing. Soon, the woman and one of the men go down on the other man. More head: woman sucks man, who sucks other man, then circular oral sex ("daisy chain"). Male-female screwing, with other guy standing above them to get sucked. The other guy screws the woman from behind, and she goes down on the first guy. The men screw, and the bottom goes down on the woman. The guys continue face-to-face, and the woman strokes herself. The top pulls out, and both guys jerk off.

OK, now get this, after the guys have come, the woman masturbates to orgasm!

It's no secret that most porn is concerned with the male orgasm -- so much so, that they make sure you get a clear view of his ejaculation. Then, when the so-called "money shot" takes place, that's usually the signal that the scene is over. It's rare that you see a definite female orgasm (as opposed to the often-fake moaning during intercourse).

That's what makes the ending of this video such a joy. The woman definitely comes (she takes responsibility for her own orgasm). And she gets the last word, so to speak.

Warning: this 39-minute video is occasionally interrupted by ads for a video web site.

Update: This scene is also known as "Nice Bisexual Guy Fucks His Boyfriend and a Hot Brunette Joins the Party Helping Herself to Their Dicks."

Update 2: This scene is available uninterrupted as Tina Tyler Enjoys Bisexual Dick.


  1. Hot pic! As a (mostly) straight guy who loves cock, your blog is an amazing resource! Thanks for all the hot vids and pics!

  2. The "(mostly) straight guy who loves cock": just the kind of person I write for. Enjoy the blog and come back often.

    Vickie P.