Thursday, December 29, 2011


I try not to get into politics here, but I can't help noting that Rick Santorum is riding a bubbly, foamy wave in Iowa.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ruined Orgasms II

Even if The Boyfriend has lost interest in ruined orgasms, it doesn't mean I have. I keep searching for good videos on this subject, but most of them are too femdommy for me (humiliation, men in leather masks, and actual torture of men's genitalia; word to the wise: avoid anything that says CBT). However, here's three I like:

Title and Link: Wife gives slow handjob with ruined orgasm
Participants: Wife and husband
Faces: No
Special Features: She lets go of his penis multiple times, but when she does it the last time, he yelps "Oh, no, no, please!" and ejaculates. She just chuckles and tells him how pretty and sexy he is.
Length: 8:01

Title and Link: Girl from work ruined orgasm
Participants: "Girl from work" and man
Faces: No
Special Features: Cock ring. Nice, long video. Consensual ruined orgasm, because he actually tells her when to stop stroking.
Length: 16:30

Title and Link: Nurse ruins orgasm three times!
Participants: Nurse and patient
Faces: Hers
Special Features: He ejaculates three times in the course of the video. She wears a uniform and safety gogles (CFNM).
Length: 9:49

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ruined Orgasms: Another Mystery

When is a man's orgasm not an orgasm? When it's a ruined orgasm. Yep, it's another mystery of boyparts.

Here's how it works. You give your man a handjob. You get him very close to coming. Then you let go. If all goes well, his erect penis will twitch and ejaculate. If he's not quite ready, stroke him some more and let go. Repeat as necessary. (If your man is enough of a submissive, you might get him to tell you when he's close to coming.)

You get to enjoy what appears to be a (potentially spectacular) male orgasm. He, on the other hand, will feel frustrated that you didn't stroke him to completion. (It's similar to the anal/prostate orgasm without penile stimulation that I've written about before.)

Unless you're a total femdom, I recommend you discuss this with your man and get his OK before doing it. I don't recommend springing it on him unannounced; that would be cruel. (Of course, if you are a total femdom, that's probably a selling point.)

I talked about this with The Boyfriend, and he agreed to try it. So we did. He said it was, um, interesting, but he's in no hurry to do it again.

I learned about ruined orgasms from Ruined Orgasms at the blog Caroline Cucks Michael (includes a 9-minute video of multiple ruined orgasms). Here's another video compilation.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

What if the man wore the strap-on?

That's the musical question asked by This dude gets assisted by a strap-on. Not what I expected from the title, but interesting nonetheless.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Wifey's Surprise

All I can say is: What a surprise!

In Wifey's Surprise, two guys, one about 18 and the other about 25, are in bed. They kiss, they go down on each other, even do 69. (It's hot and all, but I think there's a reason I don't usually watch gay porn. When there's two guys and no woman, it's all about sex. There's no drama, no fantasy, and most important, no place for me to imagine myself into the scene.)

The younger, hairier guy is sucking the older guy, who in turn is fingering his lover's ass, when in walks Wifey (blonde, glasses, short black skirt).

Wifey: "What the hell?"

Hubby: "I can explain. It's not what you think." (I'd like to hear that explanation! LOL.)

Lover: "You're married?" (Starts to get dressed.)

Wifey: "Yes, he's married -- to me. So, I've been working all day, and you're home ... having some guy suck your dick."

Hubby: [Protests]

Wifey: "Hold on. You're not getting off that easy. I want you to perform for me. I want you to suck my husband's dick."

She sits on the bed and prepares to enjoy the view. She takes off her skirt, exposes her breasts, and starts to touch herself.

"A cute boy sucking your cock," Wifey marvels. "If I had known, we could be having threesomes all the time."

"You sure you're OK with it?" he asks her.

"Yeah, it's hot!" she says. "I didn't know I'd be OK with it, but yeah."

He checks with his lover, but he can't really talk with his mouth full.

Wifey strips off the rest of her clothes and goes to kiss Hubby. He fondles her breast and she touches herself.

He suggests "sharing" and lies down. His wife and lover both suck his penis from their respective sides. At one point, the camera moves behind Wifey's kneeling body, so we see through her legs, past her pussy, to the penis she and her husband's lover are sharing.

Wifey lies down next to Hubby, so she can watch and masturbate as the lover rides her husband reverse cowboy style. She sits up to watch more closely.

"Yeah, you like my husband's cock in your ass, don't you?" she says.

She lies back and says to her husband, "Why don't you fuck him like the dog he is?"

The guys get up and screw doggy style. Wifey kneels behind her husband, still masturbating.

She kisses her husband to encourage him in his screwing.

"I think I want a piece of that ass," Wifey says as she puts on a strap-on and inserts it into their lover. Hubby fondles his ass and back, then gives him his penis to suck.

Hubby lies down, so his lover can suck him and his wife can sit on his face. "You lick pussy as good as you suck dick," she says. "Umm, that's my husband."

They trade places. Wifey takes her place on Hubby's penis, riding him reverse cowgirl, as their lover offers his penis for Hubby's mouth.

Again they swap positions. Wifey takes Hubby from behind and their lover in her mouth.

All three lie on the bed and masturbate. The men are looking at each other. They come, then she sits up and masturbates to orgasm, too.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Her husband gives her permission to see old boyfriend

A woman writes in to Savage Love this week saying that she's been in contact with a former boyfriend. "My loving, GGG [good, giving, game] husband says that I can help my old flame out if I wish. What would you do in this situation?" writes the woman, who signs herself Chick with 2 Dicks.

"What would I do?" Dan begins his reply. "Besides thank my lucky stars, kiss my loving, GGG husband, and fuck the shit out of the other guy?"

Turns out there are a few pitfalls. Read the full column to learn more.