Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ruined Orgasms II

Even if The Boyfriend has lost interest in ruined orgasms, it doesn't mean I have. I keep searching for good videos on this subject, but most of them are too femdommy for me (humiliation, men in leather masks, and actual torture of men's genitalia; word to the wise: avoid anything that says CBT). However, here's three I like:

Title and Link: Wife gives slow handjob with ruined orgasm
Participants: Wife and husband
Faces: No
Special Features: She lets go of his penis multiple times, but when she does it the last time, he yelps "Oh, no, no, please!" and ejaculates. She just chuckles and tells him how pretty and sexy he is.
Length: 8:01

Title and Link: Girl from work ruined orgasm
Participants: "Girl from work" and man
Faces: No
Special Features: Cock ring. Nice, long video. Consensual ruined orgasm, because he actually tells her when to stop stroking.
Length: 16:30

Title and Link: Nurse ruins orgasm three times!
Participants: Nurse and patient
Faces: Hers
Special Features: He ejaculates three times in the course of the video. She wears a uniform and safety gogles (CFNM).
Length: 9:49

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  1. I love your blog and absolutely love how you think. :-)

    Here's a few links to tease and denial clips I posted over the past year:

    And finally, some thoughts I had on the techniques of teasing and denying:

  2. Thanks, sweetie, for the kind words and the links, and I have enjoyed your blog. I know you've said you plan to discontinue it, and that's certainly your right (and I don't know the personal factors that may have gone into your decision), but I will miss it.

    Anyway, I don't see ruined orgasms (or tease and denial) becoming a regular theme here. It's something I'm interested in right now. (I'm planning one more post on the subject, though.)

    I really feel I'm the same woman I was when I wrote Non-Dominant Pegging. I'm not into belittling men, or humiliating them, or hurting them. I'm mostly interested in pegging and bisexual threesomes in the context of a loving, consensual relationship.