Friday, May 27, 2011

Please come inside, part 2: Bisexual Threesome

In Bisexual Threesome, a dark-haired guy goes down on a blonde guy. A woman with long brown hair joins in. Soon the blonde is riding the dark-haired guy reverse cowboy style; the woman strokes and sucks his cock, while touching herself as well. The guys turn around, and the dark-haired guy is now screwing the blonde from behind. He, in turn, sometimes licks the woman's pussy, and sometimes she strokes herself as she watches the guys.

There's a long closeup of the penis penetrating the ass, with balls swinging nearby. This morphs into a penis penetrating a pussy with a manicured woman's hand stroking her pussy. This cut, which comes just before the seven-minute mark, sums up bisexual porn. It turns out that the blonde guy is screwing the woman, and she is going down on the dark-haired guy in front of her. The dark-haired guy moves around to have the blonde suck him. She continues to touch herself, and there's a lovely closeup of her face as she reaches her climax (about the 10-minute mark).

Then the guys are screwing again -- dark-haired guy on blonde, with the woman going down on the blonde.

The woman rides the dark-haired guy -- reverse cowgirl, again touching herself -- and he sucks the blonde.

The woman dismounts and kisses and fondles the blonde guy, as the dark-haired guy sucks his cock. The blonde guys groans and comes directly into the other guy's mouth. All that's shown is some come dribbling down the shaft, which the dark-haired guy laps up.

The dark-haired guy gets his turn, when the woman serves up his cock in the palm of her hand to the blonde guy. He shoots into the blonde's mouth. The woman gets to do some cleanup.

Bisexual porn is sometimes criticized for having gay male performers interact with little or no interest in the woman present. That criticism would be somewhat warranted in this case. However, the woman seems to enjoy assisting in the man-on-man action and gets her orgasms when she can.

This is one of my new favorite bisexual videos. Wish I knew the names of the director and performers.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please come inside, part 1: Hot College Bisexual Threesome

In Hot College Bisexual Threesome, the guys (young, buff) are kissing and taking their shirts off. The woman (cute bob, tanktop, short skirt) joins in. Soon pants come off. The blonde guy's penis goes in the dark-haired guy's mouth; his dick is sucked by the woman in turn. Soon everyone is nude.

The woman stands on the bed to have the blonde guy lick her pussy. He still has his penis in the other guy's mouth. Then she goes back down on the dark-haired guy.

The blonde guy goes around to penetrate the woman from behind. She's still sucking the dark-haired guy. He apparently reaches up and strokes her pussy. At first, I thought she was stroking herself, but now I'm sure it's the guy doing it. I'd like to see more of this in MMF threesome videos: when a man and a woman are screwing, the other guy could be stroking (or licking) her pussy.

The guys stop to kiss, then the blonde guy starts to screw the dark-haired guy, as the woman sits on his face. The blonde guy gets off to suck the dark-haired guy. Then the woman and blonde guy switch places: the woman moves to sit on his cock reverse-cowgirl, and the blonde guy puts his dick in his mouth. The woman soon turns around to cowgirl style.

The woman and blonde guy kiss, as the dark-haired guy thrusts from below. The blonde guy goes around the take her anally. Now she's having double penetration. All three bodies move together to allow both penises to thrust into her orifices. The blonde guy pulls out and, after just a few strokes with his hand, comes by rubbing his cock against the woman's ass. (I have to admit that's pretty hot!) The dark-haired guy thrusts quickly, then slows down to make some deep thrusts and come inside the woman's pussy. I love that old-fashioned touch in a dp scene!

All three kiss sweetly. They've all made each other very happy.

Note: The blonde guy wears a condom when he screws the dark-haired guy, but neither of them uses a condom when with the woman. I think that's a bad idea on the part of all three actors, especially since one of them is coming inside the woman. They are also bad examples to viewers of a video called "hot college bisexual threesome."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Confidential to Sealacious

Hey, Sealacious. You posted a comment here recently, but it's no longer visible. It's not that I don't love what you have to say, sweetie. I approved it, I swear. However, Blogger was having some kind of glitch and ate it. So please, Sea, post it again, and I'll approve it again.

Vickie P.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Porn I Like, part 1: What the Pundits Say

A recent Wall Street Journal article, The Online World of Female Desire, goes through a lot of stereotypes about men getting off on two-minute video clips and women soaking up long romance novels (even if they did study a large number of web searches), before it finally gets to this:

Some female readers might be thinking, "This doesn't describe me at all!" And, in fact, somewhere between a quarter and a third of the visitors to the major pornography sites are women. Our data suggest that these women probably have a higher sex drive than other women and that they are more socially aggressive and more comfortable taking risks.

There. That's more like it. And, it seems to me, I've got a lot of female company if "between a quarter and a third of the visitors to the major pornography sites are women."

Maybe we just need to make our own erotica, argues Porn made for women, by women in the Guardian. (Tip of the dildo to the Sex Secrets blog.)

"It is a prejudice to say that women don't like porn," says Erika Lust, another fem porn director. "Sex images make you hot, but pornography has been made by and for men. In mainstream porn everything is about male pleasure and women are objects. Oral sex for men can last forever, but when women's turn comes it lasts 10 seconds. Female orgasms are not an issue in most of the films. And women are shown mostly as prostitutes, which is sad."


Lust adds: "To get excited women want to see something that looks like us. We want to see independent women exploring their sexuality, who are not afraid, but are not sex heroines either. We want to see attractive men who share our lifestyles, our ideas."


[Verena Chiara Kuckenberger:] "For women to admit to experiencing pleasure in watching pornography means overcoming stereotypes about female sexuality. There are women who do not want to consume pornography, but at the same time there is a potential female audience for porn and I would say it is bigger than it has been assumed so far and it is increasing as our society overcomes gendered stereotypes in general."

(Another Guardian article says enough women are watching enough porn that female porn addiction is not uncommon.)

In future posts, I'll write about the kinds of porn I like to see.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Back at you, New Ryder

New Ryder gave a shoutout to Ruby Ryder and me. Among other nice things, he says:

I contend that strapon sex - is just sex (hot, hot sex), I think Ruby and Vickie agree.

I can't speak for Ruby, but I certainly agree. I'm touched, N.R., because your beautiful words and pictures do so much for -- may I say it? -- the strap-on community. You're a sweetie.