Monday, May 2, 2011

Back at you, New Ryder

New Ryder gave a shoutout to Ruby Ryder and me. Among other nice things, he says:

I contend that strapon sex - is just sex (hot, hot sex), I think Ruby and Vickie agree.

I can't speak for Ruby, but I certainly agree. I'm touched, N.R., because your beautiful words and pictures do so much for -- may I say it? -- the strap-on community. You're a sweetie.

1 comment:

  1. Vickie - yes you may say it - community. When I first started looking around and trying to figure this out (strapon bottoming), there was no VickieP, no Ryder, no Ruby. I wanted first to create something for myself and then later - something for others. So yes - community. A dispersed community of bottoms and harness drivers. From what I can see, cross-fucking, strapon sex is wildly popular. There are many people that want partners to try it with and many more, that if they understood it, would really dig it.
    I am happy to call you friend.