Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Penis Fetish

Hey hi, all,

This is really interesting.

According to Dr. Dawn Michael, noted sex therapist,* cuckold husbands can develop a penis fetish. That means they are really interested in other men's penises. I know what you're thinking: "That means he's gay." I thought the same thing myself, but no, not necessarily. As long as he's not interested in men or having a relationship with a man — just penises — he's not gay.

Do you see what this means? If The Boyfriend has a penis fetish (or if he, um, develops ones), I can take a lover, and he will even encourage me to cuckold him, in the hopes of getting to experience the other man's penis. And yet it won't mean he's gay, which is good, because I do love him and all, and want to continue our relationship, and don't want him to run off with a boyfriend of his own.

Here is Dr. Dawn's video and some articles on the subject:

* She's got a lot of YouTube videos.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Vickie's Vocabulary, version 1.2

Vickie's Vocabulary now has its own page. Now with links to my Pornhub playlists and a dose of cock teasing. But don't worry, all major updates will be announced on the blog as well.

Vickie's Vocabulary: Cock Tease

From time to time, I will add new terms to Vickie's Vocabulary.

Cock Tease
Practice in which a man's partner stimulates his penis, but denies him intercourse or a fulfilling orgasm. See also Orgasm denial and Ruined orgasm.

Friday, June 2, 2017

"Gentrified: A Wife Seduced" by Kirsten McCurran (book review)

I've read a lot of cuckold fiction -- mostly short stories, a few novel-length works. Most of the novels seem to provide a scaffold on which to hang the sex scenes -- I read erotica, so I've certainly got nothing against sex scenes -- but not a lot of development. In her novel, McCurran takes the time she needs to develop her characters and their actions, and I think it pays off.

McCurran gives us a look into the thoughts of both Jess, a young wife and mother who has moved into a gentrifying district, and Winston, her handsome, black neighbor. Winston knows what he wants right from the beginning. Jess is unsure at each step; many of her thoughts end in question marks. This rings true for a man and a woman in their positions. (One thing that gives me pause, though, is that Winston sometimes thinks of Jess as "prey." Do men really think like that?) The other major characters are Kyle, Jess's husband, and Nicole, her best friend.

The story unfolds at a leisurely pace, with events deepening the relationships among the characters, yet with plenty of steamy sex along the way. I think any fan of cuckold erotica will find something to like here.