Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Penis Fetish

Hey hi, all,

This is really interesting.

According to Dr. Dawn Michael, noted sex therapist,* cuckold husbands can develop a penis fetish. That means they are really interested in other men's penises. I know what you're thinking: "That means he's gay." I thought the same thing myself, but no, not necessarily. As long as he's not interested in men or having a relationship with a man — just penises — he's not gay.

Do you see what this means? If The Boyfriend has a penis fetish (or if he, um, develops ones), I can take a lover, and he will even encourage me to cuckold him, in the hopes of getting to experience the other man's penis. And yet it won't mean he's gay, which is good, because I do love him and all, and want to continue our relationship, and don't want him to run off with a boyfriend of his own.

Here is Dr. Dawn's video and some articles on the subject:

* She's got a lot of YouTube videos.

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