Sunday, November 18, 2018

A French threesome

I'm fascinated by this scene in which a white French couple invites a beautiful black man into their bed. Unfortunately, I don't know enough French to understand the subtleties of their backstory.

When the scene starts, Girlfriend is in bed with Boyfriend. She gets up, goes to the stairwell, where she meets their neighbor, who happens to be running around in his pink skivvies. (Is this guy confident about his masculinity, or what?) She talks to him and brings him back to the bedroom. Boyfriend wakes up, and after Girlfriend explains the situation, he is happy to see their neighbor, and all three get it on. Their lover might be named Pierre (or Gaston or Michel).

Situation A

Girlfriend: Oh hey, Pierre (or Gaston or Michel), I'm glad I caught you. Listen, Boyfriend and I have had a fantasy involving you?

Pierre (or Gaston or Michel): Moi?

Girlfriend: Yes, you. We'd like you to join us in bed for a threesome. I'm very attracted to you, and Boyfriend would like me to have this experience. What do you say? Is now a good time?

Pierre (or Gaston or Michel): Mais oui!

In bedroom

Girlfriend: Look who I found on our stairwell: Pierre (or Gaston or Michel)! I told him about our fantasy and he's into it!

Boyfriend: Well, get in bed then!

Situation B

Girlfriend: Bonjour, cher Pierre (or Gaston or Michel). Thanks for making our rendezvous.

Pierre (or Gaston or Michel): No problem, cherie. I can't wait to get with you again.

Girlfriend: I want to suggest a little change of plans.

Pierre (or Gaston or Michel): Oh?

Girlfriend: I'm tired of sneaking around, see. So, instead of going back to your place, I'd like you to come to mine.

Pierre (or Gaston or Michel): What about your boyfriend?

Girlfriend: I'll handle him.

In bedroom

Girlfriend: Boyfriend, this is Pierre (or Gaston or Michel) from upstairs. We've been screwing three times a week for months. We're going to do it here this morning. You can participate, or watch, or leave the room.

Boyfriend: Well, get in bed then!

If any of you know enough French to follow the dialog in this scene, please post a comment below to explain it to me. Merci!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Vickie's Vocabulary: YILF

From time to time, I will add new terms to Vickie's Vocabulary.

Youth I'd like to screw. [Origin: my own coinage, back-formation from MILF.]