Friday, January 27, 2012

She's looking for Messrs. Right

One of the great things about the Internet is that everything you remember seeing or reading or hearing turns up again sooner or later. I remember this commercial from the 1980s, but I don't think I thought about its implications at the time.

This woman is strutting around in a bar singing about how she's looking for Mr. Right, but all the men appear to be monsters (and probably don't smell nice). (I don't recommend doing this in real life!) This is what she sings:

Men, you better not come on too strong,
If you want to take me out tonight.
I've had enough of Mr. Wrong,
I want to be with Mr. Right.

So she picks them up by handing them deodorant, thus turning them into cute guys in the process. By my count, she's got at least three guys ready to go home with her. It would appear she's not so much looking for Mr. Right, but Messrs.* Rightnow. I knew there was a reason I liked this commercial.

* Messrs. is the plural of Mr.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ruined Orgasms III

A few more discoveries on the subject of ruined orgasms. (I think this topic has risen to the level of an abiding interest, if not an obsession.)

Ruinit's videos

Someone called Ruinit has posted a series of videos to Xtube. The videos star Mr. Ruinit's penis, which is long and slightly curved and sports a cock ring. Co-starring is "Girl from work's" hands, which are nicely manicured and sometimes wearing jewelery. Spoiler warning: I give away the endings and whether they are happy or not.

Title and link: Girl from work ruined orgasm
Hand: Right hand, brown nail polish
Length: 16:30
Comments: I've written about this one before. It's a long video that ends with a ruined orgasm, but he must have wanted that, because he warns her when he's getting close to coming.

Title and link: Ruined orgasm again girl from work
Hand: Left hand, bracelet (maybe not the same "girl from work" as the first one?)
Length: 12:55
Comments: Another long video, but this one ends with no orgasm/ejaculation. It's either orgasm denial, or it's just the first part of the scene, the ending of which comes in the next video.

Title and link: Ruined orgasm #2
Hand: Left hand, bracelet
Length: 5:31
Comments: Could be a continuation of the previous video; the hand and the background look the same. Ends with a ruined orgasm.

Another Video

This video, Tease Denial Edging, was recommended in a comment by the Married Sub (tip of the dildo!). It's a lovely 13-minute handjob, ending in a ruined orgasm. You can find other videos of this same talented woman if you apply yourself. I don't want to post too much information for fear these videos will go away.


Milovana's slogan is "For the explorer at heart," so you might think it was about all kinds of sexual kinks. However, it's mainly devoted to femdom, specifically tease and denial.

There's a forum, in which ruined orgasms are a major topic of discussion:

Most of the participants seem to be men, but there are a few femdoms who add their opinions.

What really sets this site apart, however, are the web teases. Most of them are aimed at men and feature a woman telling the user what to do as he follows along (i.e., masturbates). Almost all have an element of femdom, and some lead to ruined orgasms. (Some let you make choices along the way the lead to different outcomes -- so to speak.) It's not easy to find the ones involving ruined orgasms. A few are tagged with ruined orgasm. You can also find them by browsing the forums where people talk about them. Here's a couple I like:

Why would a woman want to watch these? Simple: to get tips about how to dominate your man (if both of you are into this).

Note: Most of the videos are in the Flash format, which could be a problem for some mobile devices. There are also conventional HTML web teases, too.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Amateur Pegging Video

Hey hi all and happy new year.

This amateur pegging video (at least it appears to be amateurs) is making the rounds. Enjoy!

From Sensual Pegging (via FemDom Hotwife Cuckold Interracial). Tip of the dildo to both.