Friday, November 4, 2011

A Cuckold Video (maybe)

Caroline and Michael posted a sweet comment to this blog, so I went browsing their blog about their cuckold lifestyle, Caroline cucks Michael, and their other blog about cuckolding generally. That's where I found Cuckold video (scroll down below the picture to get to the video).

Caroline and Michael's caption says, "Making a video so she can show her husband how he made her cum." I don't know if the man and the woman in this video are cuckolding anybody -- there's no indication in the video itself -- but it's a hot scene anyway. (If it makes the video hotter for you to imagine that the couple made it for her husband to see, then go for it, I say.)

They start out fully clothed on a bed, kissing. Occasionally, the man strips off some of his clothes and hers. Eventually, he's naked and she's wearing her bra and panties. He slides off her panties and penetrates her. As they are screwing, he continues to look into her eyes and often kisses her. He slides a pillow under her butt and holds her legs up to thrust into her more deeply.

"Oh, Michael," she says, and he lies down and kisses her, then they rearrange themselves so she is sitting in his lap and screwing him. After he takes off her bra, she gets on top and screws him. "Michael," she says, "I'm going to come!"

They change positions again, and he screws her from behind. He gets up on one leg and pushes hard. Then it's back to missionary, and he inserts his penis without using his hands (nice!). He holds up one of her legs. "Fuck me hard, Mike, fuck me hard!" she says. "I'm going to come!" (Maybe he comes at this point, too.)

More hugging, kissing, and gentle screwing.

He gets up and goes down on her. He stops to kiss her and lube up a vibrator. She moans to the sensations that his mouth and vibrator make on her pussy. "Mike, I think I'm going to come," she says. "I don't want to come yet." That doesn't stop him from what he's doing. "Please, please, please, Mike, Oh!" She comes. He keeps licking. She comes again. He licks some more until she makes him stop.

She gives him a big hug. He moves to go down on her again, but she doesn't let him.

Very hot!

This is my kind of video: you can't tell when or if the man comes, but you can definitely tell that the woman does -- multiple times!