Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vickie's Vocabulary: IR

From time to time, I will revise terms in Vickie's Vocabulary. The part in italics is new.
Interracial sex; sex between partners of different races, usually black men and white women. Often part of a cuckold fetish. (One of these days, I'll have to write a blog post about why that is.)
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Vickie's Vocabulary: Erection

From time to time, I will add new terms to Vickie's Vocabulary.

A penis in an engorged state, hardened and lengthened from its flaccid state.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vickie's Vocabulary, ver. 1.0

My friends say I can curse like a sailor, but this isn't about four-letter words (mostly). It's about the terms for sexual organs and acts that I use for posts here on my blog, for my favorites on Xvideos, and for my links on Diigo.

Adorable, beautiful, cute, gorgeous, hot, lovely, pretty, sweet
These words, which used to be applied almost exclusively to women, are now frequently used by women to apply to men's faces, bodies, and body parts. I think it reflects a changing power dynamic. Women look at, admire, and lust after male beauty and are not ashamed to admit it.
Anal sex
The insertion of a penis or a strap-on dildo into one's partner's anus for purposes of sexual pleasure; anal intercourse. (Yes, I know this violates my rule about using the word Sex for more than just intercourse.) See also Assplay, Pegging, Men fucking.
Licking of the anus. Syn.: Rimming.
Sexual activity involving the buttocks or anus other than anal intercourse. See also Anal sex.
A man's testicles. They're called "balls" because they're fun to play with. Find some balls and play with them today.
See Lover.
Clothed female, nude male. It's indicative of a woman's power in the encounter that she gets to keep her clothes on while the man must strip nude. Often part of femdom and male stripper scenes.
See Penis.
Come, to
verb To have an orgasm (male or female). Combining form: come inside
Often used for a man's deposit of cum in a woman's pussy or anus. I use it to mean the act of a man eating a deposit of cum from a woman's pussy or anus. Often the one eating is a cuckold, the pussy belongs to his wife, and the cum came from her lover.
See Transvestite
noun A husband whose wife is having sex with others. In modern fetish usage, the wife is usually conducting her extracurricular affairs with her husband's knowledge and consent. If everyone's agreeable, she may see her lover in her husband's presence and even with his participation. There may or may not be an element of humiliation in his status. See also Hotwife.
Cuckold, to
verb To make a man a cuckold. Example: Vickie cuckolded her husband Sam when she spent the night with her lover Lex.
noun The ejaculatory fluid that normally accompanies the male orgasm. Combining terms: cum eating, cumswap, cumplay. See also Creampie
See Penis.
An artificial penis used for sexual pleasure. See also Vibrator.
Any form of female dominance over men. May include cuckolding, humiliation, CFNM, orgasm denial/ruined orgasm, forced bisexuality, pegging, or sadomasochism.
Forced Bisexuality
When an ordinarily heterosexual man is forced by a woman to engage in homoerotic acts with another man. Sometimes part of cuckold or MMF scenes.
The practice of men rubbing their penises together. This is hot. You should do it if you're a man and you get a chance. You should also invite a straight woman to watch.
A man who rubs himself on others against their will. This is gross (and often illegal); don't do it.
See Screwing, Anal sex, Men fucking.
A wife whose husband encourages her to have sex with others. The hotwife does not humiliate her husband, and he does not feel humiliated by her acts. See also Cuckold.
Interracial sex; sex between partners of different races, usually black men and white women. (One of these days, I'll have to write a blog post about why that is.)
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Jacking off
Male masturbation.
Jilling off
Female masturbation.
Technically, anyone who is a sex partner of another. Frequently used to mean the sex partner of a married person other than his or her spouse. In the cuckold world, the wife's lover is often called a "bull."
Male chastity device
A mechanical device that prevents a man from having an orgasm or even getting an erection. His femdom partner will normally take custody of the key.
Male prostitutes
Men who provide sexual services in exchange for money. Women as well as men avail themselves of these services.
Male strippers
See Ruined orgasm
Men fucking
Male-male anal intercourse. Men seem rougher with each other and so merit the term, I think.
A one-man-two-woman threesome. Usually there is sexual contact between the two women.
A two-men-one-woman threesome in which the men do not have sexual contact with each other. (Notice the "M"s don't touch each other.)
An older woman -- at least by porn standards -- who is still considered sexually desirable. (Origin: "Mother I'd like to fuck.")
See Prostate massage / Milking
A two-men-one-woman threesome in which the men have sexual contact with each other (i.e., the men are or act bisexual). (Notice the "M"s touch each other.)
A woman with three or more men. Usually the woman is the center of attention (i.e., there's no homoerotic stuff), but there are too many "M"s and not enough "F"s to indicate that in the abbreviation.
Orgasm denial
When a man's partner -- usually a dominant woman -- denies him the right to have an orgasm. Note that he may still be allowed to release semen, but not to have a fully satisfying orgasm. See also Male chastity device, Prostate massage / milking, Ruined orgasm.
Non-penetratrive sexual practices in which the man does not get to put his penis in a vagina, anus, or mouth. It's kept out of those orifices. See also Vulva
The act of a woman using a strap-on dildo to have anal intercourse with a man.
The most prominent male genital organ. It's a cute name for a cute organ, whether erect or flaccid. Alternate names sound too brutal to me. Combining term: penis-vulva rubbing
Prostate massage / milking
A man's lover fingers his prostate through his anus. If there is little or no penile stimulation, the result is that the man emits semen, but does not have an orgasm.
Pubic hair
Hair that grows around the genitalia of mature adults. I like to see women in porn who look like women.
The female genitalia, including vagina, vulva, labia, and clitoris. The anatomical terms seem too clinical and specific most of the time. And I won't even entertain the c-word. Treat your pussy well and she'll treat you well.
See Anilingus
Ruined orgasm
A man's lover provides penile stimulation -- if she is a dominant woman, she is sometimes called a masturbatrix -- but only up to a point. Just before he would experience a full orgasm, she lets go. He emits semen and feels some pleasure, but less than he would during a fully satisfying orgasm.
Male-female vaginal intercourse. It seems like a more gentle, loving word than any of the alternatives. See also Anal sex, Men fucking.
The entire gamut of intimate human contact. It can involve genitalia, anuses, mouths, hands, and other organs. It is not limited to intercourse.
Sloppy seconds
A second man screws a woman immediately after another man has screwed her. Often refers to a cuckold husband taking his turn screwing his wife after her lover got to have her first.
Small breasts
A- or B-cup sized breasts. As a woman with a slim body type, I like to see actresses with small boobs get the cute guy sometimes. Some of my favorite small-breasted actresses went on to get boob jobs during their careers, but I especially admire India Summer for keeping her figure in more ways than one.
Strap-on sex
One partner uses a strap-on dildo to screw the other in ways she or he couldn't do with their natural equipment. It can be a woman screwing a man in the ass (this is known as Pegging), a woman screwing another woman, or a man screwing a woman, in order to double penetrate her with his penis and the dildo. (I've never heard of male-male strap-on sex, but maybe it happens.)
One who wears clothing traditionally worn by the other gender, most often a man wearing women's clothes. Syn.: Crossdresser
The act of one woman rubbing her genitalia on another woman's body, often her genitalia as well.
A buzzing toy used for sexual pleasure. It may or may not be penis-shaped. See also Dildo.
The external parts of a woman's genitalia, mainly the labia and the clitoris. Combining term: Penis-vulva rubbing. See also Pussy.
Women who like to watch
A straight woman who enjoys viewing men getting it on. (I'm not proud of the tag I use for this on Diigo. My only excuse is that the site limits the total number of characters users can have in tags for a link.)
Pleasingly plump. Although I have a slim body type, some of my favorite MILFs have curvy breasts, bellies, and butts. (Origin: "juicy," Yiddish and German)