Sunday, February 24, 2019

What I like about erotica author Kirsten McCurran

A friend on GoodReads asked me what I like about the erotica author Kirsten McCurran.

What do I like about Kirsten McCurran?

The sex is hot, but that's true of all the top-rank cuckold/hotwife writers.

She experiments with different writing strategies. The one I just read, Carol's Trinity, is told in the present tense, rather than the past. Stephanie's Hotwife Seduction has the bull introduce cuckolding to the married couple (rather than having it be the husband's or the wife's idea), and the story is told from all three points of view.

The Hot Dates series (first, second, third) had some development as wife and husband get deeper into the lifestyle. Again it's told from both points of view. I wasn't keen on the dangerous character element that so many authors feel the need to introduce.

I'm not black or a man, but I think she gets black men right. When she has a black bull, she describes him as a real man with real emotions, not just a sex toy for the married couple to play with. That's true in Stephanie's Hotwife Seduction, Gentrified, and The Coach's Wife.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Othello by William Shakespeare: A review

I posted this to GoodReads not too long ago.  Over there, I hid the spoilers, but I figure my readers here are more literary sorts who already know the plot.

4/5 stars

I read "Othello" in high school and this is what I remember. So, Othello is this dashing African man serving in the Venetian military. Desdemona is a young woman from one of the most prominent families in Venice. She falls in love with Othello and marries him. And why not? He's strong, he's brave, he tells good stories. He's hot, I'm sure of it. (Just reading between the lines here, and my teacher said Shakespeare was bi, based on some stuff he wrote in the Sonnets.)

Some folks don't approve, though. Othello is subject to a lot of prejudice, and he's insecure inside. Othello gets jealous of Cassio, the cute young officer serving under him, when Desdemona has a friendly chat with him.

Desdemona probably would have liked to serve under Cassio, if you know what I mean. But they weren't screwing at all! It was all a lie made up by this Iago guy. But then Othello kills her anyway.]

I was so disappointed by the ending. But Shakespeare can write, so I give it four stars.