Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting It from Behind: Amateur Backdoor Play

Getting it from behind starts with a seated man, his legs spread, who is getting fingered and then rimmed by a woman. He already has an erection, secured by a cock ring. She applies lube and then a thin vibrator. She lovingly works it in and out and licks his penis and balls. She hold his penis and strokes it a bit, while continuing to practice buttplay with the vibrator. She sucks him a little more, then holds his penis. He starts to breathe hard and come without any further stimulation. She strokes and sucks him some more, then starts to chuckle. (Unfortunately, at this point, the camera is focused on the woman's side and we no more of the man.)

I thought this was quite hot. Both partners are clearly into prostate massage (you might even call it prostate milking). I only wish it were longer than six minutes.

Tip of the dildo to Le plaisir du massage de la prostate, 25 Aout 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Good News for Bisexual Men: You Exist After All!

This just in: the New York Times reports that scientists at Northwestern University have determined that bisexual men do, in fact, exist.

This is news because a previous "widely publicized" study determined that bisexual men were fooling themselves and/or their loved ones. According to the earlier study, bisexual men were mostly gay (or sometimes straight). Who did that study? Scientists at Northwestern. Where was it widely publicized? In the New York Times. (To be fair, the recent NYT story had the grace to link to the older one.)

I can just imagine the damage this must have caused.

MAN: Honey, I have something to tell you. I'm bisexual.
WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND: You mean you're gay??!
MAN: No, I'm bisexual.
WoG: You're gay! It says so in the New York Times.

Or conversely:

MAN: Honey, I have something to tell you. I'm bisexual.
MALE PARTNER: You mean you're straight??!
MAN: No, I'm bisexual.
MP: You're straight! It says so in the New York Times.

From the NYT:

“I’ve interviewed a lot of individuals about how invalidating it is when their own family members think they’re confused or going through a stage or in denial,” [Dr. Lisa Diamond] said.

The more recent study actually made an effort to find bisexual men. They used bisexual web sites and chose men with serious experience with both genders. Then, they monitored their genitals as they watched man-on-man and woman-on-woman videos. Bisexual men -- go figure! -- got turned on by both.

Despite her cautious praise of the new research, Dr. Diamond also noted that the kind of sexual arousal tested in the studies is only one element of sexual orientation and identity. And simply interpreting results about sexual arousal is complicated, because monitoring genital response to erotic images in a laboratory setting cannot replicate an actual human interaction, she added.

“Sexual arousal is a very complicated thing,” she said. “The real phenomenon in day-to-day life is extraordinarily messy and multifactorial.”

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do Europeans Have More Fun, part 4: F*ck My Girl & Me (Bisexual MMF Threesome)

This time, it's a German couple who invite another man to join them. In F*ck My Girl & Me, the man (we'll call him Boyfriend) brings the woman (we'll call her Girlfriend) a bouquet of roses and sings "Happy Birthday" to her (in English). She placees the roses on the counter, takes him into the other room, sits on his lap and starts snogging. She takes off her top and bra; more snogging.

"Keine Geschenk," he says. ("No gift.") Just then, in walks a man wearing nothing but a do-rag on his head.

I guess what Boyfriend meant was: "I didn't get you a physical gift for your birthday (other than the roses, that is), but I have arranged for the services of this nude gentleman here."

Mr. Do-rag kisses the woman and rubs her breast. She starts sucking his penis. Boyfriend and girlfriend take turns sucking Mr. Do-rag, each holding his penis for the other.

The woman rides Mr. Do-rag reverse cowgirl and sucks her boyfriend. Mr. Do-rag reaches around and strokes her pussy. Boyfriend bends down and licks her pussy as she screws Mr. Do-rag. He then pulls him out and sucks his cock before reinserting it in his girlfriend. Boyfriend also rubs his girlfriend's pussy with his own penis. Back to their original positions: woman with boyfriend's penis in her mouth and Do-rag's hand on her pussy.

She sits down and alternates sucking both cocks. The guys kiss.

Boyfriend and girlfriend suck Mr. Do-rag.

The men screw on the floor, spoons position. The woman sucks her boyfriend's penis. He kisses her and fondles her breasts as she masturbates. She goes back to sucking him, still jilling off. This goes on for long enough that I thought boyfriend was going to come in her mouth.

Alas, the ending is all-too-typical. The guys jerk off over her body. Mr. Do-rag comes on her belly.

Over all, though, it's a very hot scene. If you're going to make a give-a-girl-a-threesome-for-her-birthday movie, I'm thinking, this is the one to make. Yes, there should be plenty of attention given to the woman -- and the boyfriend licking and rubbing her pussy with his penis as she's screwing the other guy is worthy of any MFM scene -- but I want to see some guy-on-guy action, too. And that's where MMF scenes like this one come in. This is what the scene from Throbbing Three Ways that I reviewed last year should have been.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise

I want to tell you about Ruby Ryder. Ruby is a friend of mine from, where she recently took on the leadership of the Pegging 101 group.

She also has a web site called Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise, where you'll find her blog and two marvelous essays:

In addition, she writes some hot erotic stories about pegging. Some of these are free, but you can get more of them on a regular basis if you pay for a subscription.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

MMF + Pegging: Videos that feature both bisexual threesomes and strap-on sex

The tagline of this blog says "One woman's thoughts about pegging, bisexual erotica ..." For such a woman (for her mind, her eyes, and -- let's face it -- her crotch), what could be better than a scene that combines bisexuality and strap-on sex? Every once in a while, you're lucky enough to find a video that includes pegging in a bisexual (MMF threesome) scene.

And I know that some of you think along the same lines. Someone recently found my site by plugging "mmf" and "pegging" into a search engine. And a while back, someone requested my "must-see strap-on/bi movies list". I've written about such scenes, of course, but Blogger doesn't make it easy to combine tags in a search. So I've gathered some links to my reviews of MMF + pegging scenes. I don't guarantee everything here is "must-see," but I hope it will make things easier for those of you (us) who want to see pegging and an MMF threesome in the same scene. (Oh, the sacrifices I go through for my loyal readers!)

First off, you've got to seek out the Bi Bi American Pie series. Every scene in these movies features pegging plus an MMF threesome. You can't go wrong.

Ann Parker in bisexual threesome with pegging - Unfortunately, I've only been able to find parts of this scene, but it is a fine one.

Outdoor Bisexual MMF - A hot scene, with DP even.

French Bisexual (MMF) Threesome - Married couple with porn star and strap-on.

Wanna F*ck My Wife, Gotta F*ck Me Too 4, scene 3: Taisa Banx in Bisexual Threesome with Pegging - A threesome in which all involved seem to having fun

Unlike Blogger, Delicious does allow combining of tags in a search. Here's what I have there that's tagged MMF and pegging. Some of the links there are also on my blog, but there are others that I haven't gotten around to blogging about.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quite a Dame

Dame Helen Mirren, who has done everything from Shakespeare to the ill-advised Arthur remake, has a new distinction. She has been voted to have the best body in the world (even better than J. Lo., the Los Angeles Times helpfully notes). At right is Dame Helen in a bikini at the age of 63 (2008).

I hope I look half that good when I'm in my 60s.

More Helen Mirren:

Los Angeles Times slideshow, 2011

International Business Times slideshow, 2011

New York magazine (partial nudity), 2010

Helen Mirren, the bikini queen reigns supreme at 63, 2008

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jill Dominates Jack (with a vibrator)

This isn't my usual thing. It's a little femdommy, but I know some of you will like it.

In Jill Dominates Jack, a somewhat zaftig woman wearing a tanktop and thigh-high hose is sitting on the face of a skinny young man. (We find out later that he's blindfolded.) His stiffening penis is straining against his g-string. Soon, his erection is free, and the woman touches a Magic Wand-style vibrator to it. She runs the vibrator up and down, from his balls to the tip of his penis, as her man licks her pussy.

After she comes, she slides forward on his torso and holds his penis as she applies the vibrator more precisely to the most sensitive parts of his penis. He squirms uncontrollably; she slaps his balls a few times, but continues to rub him with the vibrator. He ejaculates, and she catches it in her hand. "What a good boy," she coos. "Oh yes, that's a lot of come."

She slides off and rubs the come on his face. Then, to make sure she's milked him dry, she applies the vibrator again to his now highly sensitized penis. She takes that and rubs his face with it and leaves him there.

I have to admit, I found this pretty hot.

Tip of the dildo to A Married Sub.