Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wanna F*ck My Wife, Gotta F*ck Me Too 4, scene 3: Taisa Banx in Bisexual Threesome with Pegging

Taisa Banx and her husband are at party. He says he's feeling adventurous, but when they notice a man both of them find attractive, and Taisa says she'd like to see her husband "do him," Mr. T. suddenly feels shy. ("Maybe he could suck my dick at the most," he says.)

They approach him; turns out he's a French guy. (This may be Mark "Frenchy" Gallifiore, but if so, I was incorrect in my identification of him as the third guy in another scene in this video.)

Taisa kisses him, then has her husband pull down his pants. Taisa goes down on him first, but Hubby soon joins in. They really seem like a loving couple. Hubby kisses Taisa and removes the hair from her eyes as she goes down on Frenchy. Taisa holds the penis and gently pushes Hubby's head onto it when it's his turn.

After a while, everyone strips, and Hubby goes down on Taisa as she goes down on Frenchy. Taisa turns the other way and now has her husband in her mouth and Frenchy's mouth on her pussy. "Why don't we share his dick?" Taisa says, and Frenchy moves around to go down on her husband's cock with her.

"This was a good idea, honey."

"Very adventurous." She and Frenchy continue sucking. "Why don't you guys do something a little more adventurous?"

"What did you have in mind, honey?"

To Frenchy, holding her husband's erect penis: "Why don't you ride this dick?"


"Hop on."

As Frenchy climbs on reverse-cowboy style, Taisa says she's always wanted to see this. She watches the guys screw then, at Hubby's suggestion, strokes Frenchy's cock. They change positions, so Hubby screws Frenchy from behind as he goes down on Taisa.

They trade places again, so Hubby can screw Taisa from behind and she can go down on Frenchy. Then Taisa rides Hubby reverse-cowgirl, while Frenchy licks her breast and strokes himself.

Taisa gets off and dons a strap-on. She puts it into Frenchy's ass, and Hubby inserts his cock in his mouth. Both guys masturbate; Frenchy comes with the strap-on still inside, and Hubby comes on his chest.

"Oh, baby, I love watching you fuck guys," says Taisa, "Let's do it more."

I love how everyone in this scene (especially the ones playing husband and wife) seems to want everyone else to have pleasure. There's no suggestion of femdom or cuckoldry. (I know some of you are interested in such things -- and that's fine as long as everyone involved is having a good time -- but it's not my cup of tea.)

My only quibble: I would have liked to see Taisa have an orgasm. Maybe she could have masturbated while watching the guys fool around or during her own screwing. Or maybe the guys could have been a bit more dedicated in their cunnilingual endeavors. And for those of you scoring along at home: Although Frenchy does get pegged by Taisa, he never gets to have vaginal intercourse with her. Some might find that a violation of the promise made by the title of the video, but I don't.

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