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Wanna F*ck My Wife, Gotta F*ck Me Too 4, scene 4: MILF Magdalene St. Michaels leads bisexual threesome

A couple meets up with another man on a sofa, and the three of them have sex. It must be a semi-public sofa, such as at a party or in a hotel lobby, because otherwise how could each meet up with someone previously unknown to them? Anyway, that's the premise of the scenes in the series "Wanna F*ck My Wife, Gotta F*ck Me Too." I like this series -- I've written about it before -- but just don't ask me to explain the set-up.

With a title like "Wanna F*ck My Wife, Gotta F*ck Me Too," you'd think the whole thing would be the husband's idea. You'd think he'd march up to the other man and say, "My good sir, you are welcome to engage in intercourse with my wife on the condition that you first have anal intercourse with me." Or words to that effect! LOL.

Well, that's not how it works in the scene I'm going to describe: the last scene of "Wanna F*ck My Wife, Gotta F*ck Me Too 4."

Magdalene and her husband, Wolf, are sitting on the sofa eyeing a Frenchman across the way. She says she has a fantasy about a threesome with a muscular man. Wolf is non-committal, even dismissive. "If you like that muscle type," he says.

(Let me digress to tell you something about the actors. Magdalene St. Michaels has a beautiful face, and her body is slightly zaftig. Wolf Hudson is fit but short, bald with a chin beard. When this movie was made last year, according to IAFD, Magdalene was 53, while Wolf was less than half her age!)

Before they can do anything, Jim the Frenchman (Mark "Frenchy" Galifiore, I think) comes over to introduce himself. (The dialog in this scene is much more amusing than that in the average porn movie. Forgive me if I quote it at length.)

"It's been a great fantasy of mine to ..." says Magdalene.

"To do what?" asks Jim.

"To, uh, have two guys together."

"I don't think so," Wolf demurs.

"I'm European," says Jim, "we do it all the time." (Imagine, a whole continent full of bisexual men!)

"It's my biggest fantasy," Magdalene objects to her husband. "Oh come on, you've messed around with it before."

"I've had my dick sucked a couple of times," Wolf admits.

"It's just a little bit further," Magdalene claims.

"Just let me fuck your husband," Jim says.

"Hold on, buddy," Wolf says. To Magdalene: "What do you want?"

"You know what I want. I want him -- to fuck you."

"That'll make you happy."

"You know I always get my way, honey."

And so she does, of course. The men start kissing Magdalene on the lips and breasts.

"I don't have to fuck him, right? That was a joke," Jim says.

Magdalene makes it clear she's going to hold him to his promise. Soon, she orders him to suck her husband's cock.

"Your husband's got a big dick," Jim points out.

Magdalene assists Jim in going down on Wolf. He seems to enjoy his work, despite continually asking for pussy. She allows him to alternate between licking her and her husband.

They all remove some clothing and shift positions. Magdalene sits on Wolf's face, while Jim sucks him. She cheers on both her men -- the one to suck her husband's cock, the other to suck her own clit.

"I've been sucking dick for, like, 30 minutes now," Jim complains. She forces him to say he likes sucking cock, which he grudgingly does.

"OK, baby, I love it. Happy?"

"Yeah, I want us all to be happy," she responds.

She is soon quite happy, as she has a body-quivering, toes-curled orgasm.

Looking back at Jim, Magdalene says, "Oh, honey, that looks so hot, I can't believe this fantasy is coming true."

"What do I have to do, honey?" Jim says. "Want me to fuck your husband?"

"Yeah, you have to fuck my husband, like now, right now."

"If I have to, honey."

"Oh, yeah, you have to."

As Jim prepares to penetrate Wolf, Magdalene lovingly kisses his face, making it clear how grateful she is that her husband is making her fantasy come true. She strokes her husband, she kisses Jim, but she always comes back to kissing her husband.

"I owe you big time," she says. "You have no idea how hot that looks."

Magdalene and Wolf screw, but they invite Jim over to get his dick sucked.

As Wolf fucks her pussy, and Jim fucks her mouth, Magdalene masturbates to another amazing orgasm.

She gets on all fours to let Jim take her from behind, while Wolf gets her oral attentions. Again, she strokes herself. "He's got a gorgeous cock," she tells Wolf.

The two guys masturbate to orgasm, as Magdalene kisses them.

Other scenes in this video include strap-on play, but this one doesn't.

The whole scene is about 35 minutes, but you can see a
free two-minute preview

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