Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Bi Bi American Pie" Redux

Once again, my bf was on a business trip and I decided to treat myself to a video or two. I put on something comfortable, got out my trusty dildo, poured a glass of wine, and sat my ass on the couch.

I watched Bi Bi American Pie (a.k.a. "Bi Bi American Pie 1"). I've written about this series before, but I think the original may be the best one.

The second scene starts -- as all scenes in the series do -- with the actress talking to the camera. In this case, a blonde woman named Gabrielle talking about her MMF threesome fantasy. (According to Web sites, she's 38 but looks older. Still, if your man likes MILFs, he'd probably like her.)

She and her younger boyfriend have apparently had a fantasy about inviting a younger man over, but he doesn't know that it's happening today. The other man turns out to be a hot, muscular African-American man (Chris Dano) with a big dick.

Gabrielle shows her man how to suck cock, and soon they are taking turns sucking their new lover's cock with gusto. She then suggests the big dick could go in her boyfriend's ass.

"There's no way that's going in my ass," he yelps.

"You don't have to worry about this one; you have to worry about *this* one," she says, picking up her strap-on.

"She's gonna fuck you with a strap-on, dog!" the lover chuckles.

The boyfriend bends over and continues sucking dick as Gabrielle takes his ass with the strap-on.

She gets off and rides their lover reverse cowgirl. The boyfriend helps out by holding the man's balls and rubbing her clitoris. They turn around and lover fucks her from behind as she sucks her boyfriend's cock.

The lover turns her around spread eagle and fucks her some more as she touches herself (one of my favorite things). The boyfriend climbs on her face and gets his cock sucked some more.

The lover picks Gabrielle up and puts her on top. The boyfriend masturbates and touches the other man's cock.

Gabrielle dismounts from their lover and lets her boyfriend ride him reverse cowboy. As this is happening, she strokes the boyfriend's cock.

She makes him get off and gets back on herself. Lover does the pile driver. The boyfriend rubs her clit. The boyfriend licks her clit; the lover sticks his cock in the boyfriend's face to be sucked, too.

Both men come in her face. (Not my favorite thing, but what are you gonna do?)

Scene 3

Again, the actress talking directly to the camera. In her soft French accent, Liza Harper says that an MMF threesome has long been a fantasy of hers and "I did it, and I'm so proud of my boyfriend!"

Liza sits on her boyfriend's (Chance Caldwell) face perfectly poised for 69, but when the camera pans around, the cocksucking duties are performed by Kurt.

"This is the part I have been waiting on. You guys enjoy it as much as I am."

Caldwell fucks Kurt. Liza sometimes touches herself and sometimes gets licked by Kurt.

Caldwell tells Liza he'd rather be fucking her, but she says she wants to see the boys doing it.

After they fuck a while, Liza puts on a strap-on and moves around behind Kurt.

"Double treat!" Kurt says. "I never had this done before."

"Never?" asks Liza. "First time for every-zing, right?" Ooh la la!

Unfortunately, the strap-on segment doesn't last nearly long enough.

I brought myself to orgasm multiple times.

Ah, Vickie is a happy woman!

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  1. I have got to get a copy of this series. :) I vote for a Vickie's must-see strap-on/bi movies list!