Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dan Savage does it again!

Doing Rear Entry Weekly asks:

But then I let a girlfriend "experiment" on my ass. What started out as a kink with her finger has turned into a full-blown fetish with her dildo (non-penis-shaped). I wondered if this might be a sign, so I tried masturbating to some gay porn. Not for me. I still don't have any desire to be with a man sexually, Dan, but I LOVE having my ass pounded. Does that tip the scales toward homo?

Sex columnist Dan Savage answers:

Once again: If a man and a woman are doing it—whatever it is—it's a heterosexual sex act. It doesn't matter who's on top, who's wearing the lingerie, who's being penetrated, or whether the dildo is penis-shaped or Glenn Beck–shaped. If a girl is doing it with/to a boy, it's heterosexual sex.

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