Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting It from Behind: Amateur Backdoor Play

Getting it from behind starts with a seated man, his legs spread, who is getting fingered and then rimmed by a woman. He already has an erection, secured by a cock ring. She applies lube and then a thin vibrator. She lovingly works it in and out and licks his penis and balls. She hold his penis and strokes it a bit, while continuing to practice buttplay with the vibrator. She sucks him a little more, then holds his penis. He starts to breathe hard and come without any further stimulation. She strokes and sucks him some more, then starts to chuckle. (Unfortunately, at this point, the camera is focused on the woman's side and we no more of the man.)

I thought this was quite hot. Both partners are clearly into prostate massage (you might even call it prostate milking). I only wish it were longer than six minutes.

Tip of the dildo to Le plaisir du massage de la prostate, 25 Aout 2011

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