Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do Europeans Have More Fun, part 4: F*ck My Girl & Me (Bisexual MMF Threesome)

This time, it's a German couple who invite another man to join them. In F*ck My Girl & Me, the man (we'll call him Boyfriend) brings the woman (we'll call her Girlfriend) a bouquet of roses and sings "Happy Birthday" to her (in English). She placees the roses on the counter, takes him into the other room, sits on his lap and starts snogging. She takes off her top and bra; more snogging.

"Keine Geschenk," he says. ("No gift.") Just then, in walks a man wearing nothing but a do-rag on his head.

I guess what Boyfriend meant was: "I didn't get you a physical gift for your birthday (other than the roses, that is), but I have arranged for the services of this nude gentleman here."

Mr. Do-rag kisses the woman and rubs her breast. She starts sucking his penis. Boyfriend and girlfriend take turns sucking Mr. Do-rag, each holding his penis for the other.

The woman rides Mr. Do-rag reverse cowgirl and sucks her boyfriend. Mr. Do-rag reaches around and strokes her pussy. Boyfriend bends down and licks her pussy as she screws Mr. Do-rag. He then pulls him out and sucks his cock before reinserting it in his girlfriend. Boyfriend also rubs his girlfriend's pussy with his own penis. Back to their original positions: woman with boyfriend's penis in her mouth and Do-rag's hand on her pussy.

She sits down and alternates sucking both cocks. The guys kiss.

Boyfriend and girlfriend suck Mr. Do-rag.

The men screw on the floor, spoons position. The woman sucks her boyfriend's penis. He kisses her and fondles her breasts as she masturbates. She goes back to sucking him, still jilling off. This goes on for long enough that I thought boyfriend was going to come in her mouth.

Alas, the ending is all-too-typical. The guys jerk off over her body. Mr. Do-rag comes on her belly.

Over all, though, it's a very hot scene. If you're going to make a give-a-girl-a-threesome-for-her-birthday movie, I'm thinking, this is the one to make. Yes, there should be plenty of attention given to the woman -- and the boyfriend licking and rubbing her pussy with his penis as she's screwing the other guy is worthy of any MFM scene -- but I want to see some guy-on-guy action, too. And that's where MMF scenes like this one come in. This is what the scene from Throbbing Three Ways that I reviewed last year should have been.

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  1. Actually, what he says (with a heavy accent, probably a Slavic one) is: "Noch ein Geschenk" (Another present).

  2. Oh! Thank you, Tamara, that make more sense.

  3. Hey hi, Caroline and Michael, thank you for letting me know. I'm enjoying your blog and will add it to my blogroll. I don't have much here on cuckolding, but you can click the word in my tag cloud at right, and I hope to add more soon.