Thursday, January 14, 2010

Outdoor bisexual mmf

Oh, my! This video has something for everybody in it.

When it starts out, a black woman is getting busy with a skinny white boy. (I would call her African-American, but everyone seems to speak French in this video.) She puts on a strap-on, and they take turns sucking each other's penises.

The young man takes the woman from behind (anally, I think, it's hard to tell from the angle shown). A black man watches them from a balcony above. Soon, he is stroking his big penis in response to the scene below. The woman for that matter fondles herself as she is penetrated.

After a little more sucking of the strap-on, she penetrates him with it.

The black man jumps down and has the white boy suck him, as the woman is still pegging him with the strap-on.

Both the woman and the white boy suck the black man's penis.

They all stand up and the black man takes the black woman anally. The white boy fondles her. (I'd like to see more of this in MMF videos. Not the M-F anal so much - though as you know, I love it whenever a man gets penetrated anally, either with a strap-on or a real penis. No, what I'd like to see more of is when one of the men is screwing the woman, the other man is fondling her genitalia. As you probably know, most women don't come from intercourse alone, so as long as there's another man around, he could offer a helping hand -- or mouth!)

Next the black man, turns the white boy around and takes his ass. The woman sucks the white boy and masturbates herself.

The men then doubly penetrate the woman -- white boy vaginally, black man anally.

Naturally, it all ends with both men coming into the woman's mouth.

(When I first saw this, I assumed the black woman and man were Afro-French. Since the earthquake, it occurs to me that they might be Haitian. If so, I hope they're all OK.)

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