Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do Europeans Have More Fun? part 1: French Bisexual (MMF) Threesome

Introduction: In a video I saw recently, a French character claims that Europeans practice bisexual (MMF) threesomes and other adventurous sex acts "all the time." Is this true? I don't know if I can answer that question, but we can have fun examining it.

In the first video I'm going to write about, it starts out with a French Bi Couple coming home. She's a tall, stylish Frenchwoman; he's kind of funny looking, like Fred Armisen. They come in the house, she sits on the couch, and he stops to put on a gay porn video. (Much as I enjoy homoerotic video, I don't think I would appreciate it if The Boyfriend did this when we were making love.) They start making out and getting undressed. The husband goes down on his wife for a little while, then they start screwing.

No sooner do they get started, however, than the husband notices the man on screen. He and his wife chat and giggle for a bit, then he picks up the phone. (What do they say just then? If you speak French, please post a comment and let me know.) Apparently, they called the porn star, and he comes over, while they're still sitting around naked! Introductions all around, he gets a good look at the couple, more giggling. They seem to talk about his performance in the video.

The porn star starts kissing and fondling the wife. He goes down on her -- much more seriously than her husband did! He takes his clothes off, including some sort of tank top with buttons. The wife goes down on him. He gets the rest of his clothes off and fingers and licks her pussy.

The porn star inserts his thick penis into her and gives her a lovely screwing. Her moans sound close to coming. He leans back and pulls her on top. At this point, the husband, who has been offscreen and apparenly feeling neglected, comes back with a strap-on. They examine the toy and talk about it for a while. (Again, what are they saying here?)

As the wife slides on the strap-on, the husband goes down on the porn star. She kisses him and pegs her husband. The guys arrange themselves into a 69, and the wife continues to peg her husband. The porn star slaps his ass a few times.

The wife gets off, and the porn star screws the husband. The wife comes back and fondles both guys as they screw. The porn star moves forward to masturbate in the husband's face. As he does so, the wife plays with the husband's ass and penis.

The wife sucks her husband until he comes buckets in her face. She then sucks him some more to clean him off.

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