Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do Europeans Have More Fun? part 3: They get married and have a bisexual threesome

Introduction: In a video I saw recently, a French character claims that Europeans practice bisexual (MMF) threesomes and other adventurous sex acts "all the time." Is this true? I don't know if I can answer that question, but we can have fun examining it.

In the video They get married and have a bisexual threesome, a woman and two men are sitting around chatting. The woman and one of the men is darker skinned. I'm guessing from the title that they just got married, and they are trying to convince the lighter-skinned man (the best man?) to join them in a threesome. I don't know any of this, since all of them are speaking French. (Please, would someone who speaks French post in the comments below to let me know what they're saying?)

The newlyweds start kissing, but soon the other man is kissing the woman, too. Her breasts are exposed, she encourages the men to kiss, more clothes are removed. She goes down on her husband, and the guys swap a lot more spit. She encourages the other man to suck her husband's cock, which he does gingerly at first, then eagerly. The woman sucks both men. The husband takes a turn sucking the other man's penis. The wife and the other man take turns sucking the husband. As the other man gets his licks in, the wife lies back and lets her husband finger her pussy.

The wife rides her husband reverse cowgirl. The other man gives her his penis to suck. They change positions.

The wife now rides the other man and sucks her husband.

The husband gets on the other man and rides him reverse cowboy, as the wife sits on his face. They switch positions. The other man is still screwing the husband, but this time the husband is the one licking the wife's pussy.

Back to the wife screwing her husband and sucking the other man. The husband takes her anally, too. The husband leans forward to suck the other man's cock.

The video ends there, unfortunately, but I think the viewer gets the idea.

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