Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please come inside, part 1: Hot College Bisexual Threesome

In Hot College Bisexual Threesome, the guys (young, buff) are kissing and taking their shirts off. The woman (cute bob, tanktop, short skirt) joins in. Soon pants come off. The blonde guy's penis goes in the dark-haired guy's mouth; his dick is sucked by the woman in turn. Soon everyone is nude.

The woman stands on the bed to have the blonde guy lick her pussy. He still has his penis in the other guy's mouth. Then she goes back down on the dark-haired guy.

The blonde guy goes around to penetrate the woman from behind. She's still sucking the dark-haired guy. He apparently reaches up and strokes her pussy. At first, I thought she was stroking herself, but now I'm sure it's the guy doing it. I'd like to see more of this in MMF threesome videos: when a man and a woman are screwing, the other guy could be stroking (or licking) her pussy.

The guys stop to kiss, then the blonde guy starts to screw the dark-haired guy, as the woman sits on his face. The blonde guy gets off to suck the dark-haired guy. Then the woman and blonde guy switch places: the woman moves to sit on his cock reverse-cowgirl, and the blonde guy puts his dick in his mouth. The woman soon turns around to cowgirl style.

The woman and blonde guy kiss, as the dark-haired guy thrusts from below. The blonde guy goes around the take her anally. Now she's having double penetration. All three bodies move together to allow both penises to thrust into her orifices. The blonde guy pulls out and, after just a few strokes with his hand, comes by rubbing his cock against the woman's ass. (I have to admit that's pretty hot!) The dark-haired guy thrusts quickly, then slows down to make some deep thrusts and come inside the woman's pussy. I love that old-fashioned touch in a dp scene!

All three kiss sweetly. They've all made each other very happy.

Note: The blonde guy wears a condom when he screws the dark-haired guy, but neither of them uses a condom when with the woman. I think that's a bad idea on the part of all three actors, especially since one of them is coming inside the woman. They are also bad examples to viewers of a video called "hot college bisexual threesome."

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