Monday, August 23, 2010

You can touch yourself ...


Qucikies: Savage Love by Dan Savage

Posted: 22 Aug 2010 10:46 AM PDT

"Here's something you may not know about vaginal penetration ... because it's not something that's typically covered in small-town high-school sex-ed classes: You can touch yourself during vaginal intercourse. Whatever you're doing that's getting you off when you're alone, ICC, do that thing—touch yourself that way."


  1. I always wondered why more women didnt do this... maybe its the whole not being comfortable with guys their sleeping with, or just embarassed they masturbate :P

    Anyway, someone i bumped into your new blog. Your rather hard to follow you know. I used to chat with you very infrequently on myspace and enjoyed your blogs on there. then you started your other blog and it never saw much love so I assumed you dissapeared into the depths of the internet. Good to see you promoting pegging once more :)


  2. I bugger, I did a rather long comment and it didnt upload.. maybe they dont appear until approved... regardless, good so see you blogging once more :)

  3. Thanks, Glenn. Glad you found me.

    Disappeared? Not hardly. As you can see, I have been blogging away here since April 2009 and at W*rdpr*ss before that.

    Come back again soon. Or "follow" me via Blogger (see at right, below). Or get the RSS feed.

    And as for "not getting much love," feel free to make a comment whenever you want. I like to think that my readers make up in the quality of their love what they might lack in the quantity! Ha!

    Very truly yours,
    Vickie P.