Saturday, August 7, 2010

(Not so) Confidential to an Anonymous reader: What strap-on gear do you use for her pleasure?

Recently, an anonymous reader posted the following comment:

A couple of years ago, I had the pleas[ur]e of buying a strap-on for my girlfriend to use on me.

We chose one that gave her inserts for vag + anal. After about 20 minutes of getting pounded hard, I had had the pleasure of looking up at her and watching her orgasm while fucking me. HOT! I'm in the market for a new one for my current gf, and found your blog in my research.
Because I, too, am in the market for strap-on gear that will give me a turn-on also, I said, "I'd be *very interested* to know what kind of strap-on gave your girlfriend an orgasm!" Since he hasn't answered me yet -- I'm assuming he hasn't seen my response to his comment -- I decided to highlight the question here.

If you are the anonymous reader who posted the comment above, please let me know what you used with your girlfriend?

If you are someone else who has experience with strap-on gear that gave extra pleasure to the woman wearing it, I'd like to hear from you, too. Please post a comment below.

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