Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Strap Attack 11 (featuring Charisma Cappelli)

I watched "Strap Attack 11" recently. My favorite scene, which features Charisma Cappelli, has a nice twist on the typical dildo-sucking sequence found in so much strap-on porn.

The scene opens with an unseen male Interviewer questioning Charisma outside her house. The dialog goes something like this (slightly edited):

Interviewer: You expect a lot from your man, huh?

Charisma: Oh, abso-fucking-lutely ... oh, you know, daily chores, laundry, dishes.

Interviewer: You don't do that shit?

Charisma: Fuck no! Why do you have a man for? You have to make him please you -- cook dinner, bathe me, wash me.

Interviewer: Why?

Charisma: Because he's my little bitch.

Interviewer: When are you nice to him?

Charisma: In bed.

Interviewer:You're a strong girl, huh?

Charisma: Yeah, I can kick his ass. If he doesn't do what I asked to get done, he gets punished.

Turns out her man (a big muscular bald guy) laundered the towels and cleaned the kitchen, but didn't make dinner. She orders him to make dinner, he refuses, and there's a little physical stuff (from both parties) I could have lived without.

"I know how you can make it up to me," she says, "by letting me fuck you for a change."

"Do I have a choice?"

"No, you don't or you're out."

After the cut, he's naked with an erection, while she's wearing a black and pink outfit with short skirt (CFNM, anyone?). They do 69, then she sits on his face and practically smothers him. When he objects, she says, "Don't stop!"

She remembers that she wants to fuck him and is soon wearing nothing but a corset, leather boots, and strap-on dildo. She has him suck it. She lies down and starts using a vibrator on herself. I don't know about you, but for me, this gave the dildo-sucking a completely different feel. It's as if his sucking is directly stimulating her real genitals. She comes multiple times, most times holding his head on her "cock" until she does so.

She rims and fingers his ass. She sucks and strokes his cock as she continues to finger his ass. "You like being my little bitch, huh?" (If this is femdom, many men would sign up in a minute!)

She slides her dildo in his ass and begins to screw him. She lies behind him and screws him some more, quite deeply too. Then she takes his ass doggy style.

She sucks his cock and then rides him reverse cowgirl. They screw so hard, the dildo falls out of the harness.

He talks about coming. "I'm going to make you fucking come," she says and pegs him until he does just that.

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