Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day review of "It's a Mommy Thing 4"

Some you may not be familiar with the MILF concept. It stands for "Mother I'd like to f*ck." If you see the term in the title of a porn movie, it means that someone (often a younger man) is having sex with someone who is a mother or at least old enough to be one. Being a woman of a certain age, I can certainly appreciate movies that treat women like me as sexy, desirable people.

I recently ran across the movie, "It's a Mommy Thing 4." In some of the scenes, the woman is the stepmother or adopted mother of the man (or woman) she's having sex with. In one, the woman seems to be a mother-for-hire, and in another, the younger woman calls the older one "Mommy." Eww! I am not keen on incest, even if it is simulated by actors who are not actually blood relatives.

If you're like me, you'll take advantage of the miracle of DVD technology and skip to scene three. In this one, Francesca Le plays a stepmother with her stepson. Francesca knows her stepson has been having fantasies about her naked body, so to cure him of that, she takes him upstairs and gives him a view of her naked body, liberally stimulated by a vibrator. (Ohhh-kayyy, that should stop those fantasies.) I try to ignore that plot point and concentrate on the fact that an older woman — Le was 37 when this film was made — is with a younger man.

In addition to the age difference, there's something else that makes this scene hot for me. Francesca gets screwed in the missionary position, woman-on-top, reverse cowgirl, doggie style, on her side supported by one knee and her head (what is that position called?). And in every position, she touches herself (sometimes with a vibrator) — and often orgasms (at least they looked and sounded real to me).

In real life, many women do this. Some women even need to do it. That's because most women don't come from intercourse alone — no matter how great the cock might be. I've rarely seen this in a porn movie, however. Maybe (male) directors think (male) viewers will be offended to learn that women need some clitoral stimulus to come during intercourse. I think they're wrong. I think hip viewers of either gender will get turned on by a woman having joyous orgasms, however they come about. It's nice to see a movie made by people who understand that.

If your man has any fetishes special interests, he should find something to like in this movie:

  • Older women, younger men (MILF)

  • (Near) incest

  • Female masturbation

  • Lesbian scenes

  • MFF threesomes

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