Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cosmopolitan looks at men's bodies from both sides now

There I was in the supermarket minding my own business when this magazine headline caught my eye:

His G Spot. Yup, he's got one too -- and it's aching to be touched. Go get it, girl!

It was the cover of the June [2008] issue of Cosmopolitan. Could it be? Could a mainstream women's mag be talking about anal loving? I picked up the magazine and read this article.

Women aren't the only ones with a powerful G-spot. A guy's prostate -- the walnut-size gland under his bladder -- is the ultimate magic button to push if you want to blow his mind in bed. To tantalize it, partway through oral sex or intercourse, rest two fingers against the swath of skin between his testicles and anus. "His prostate is situated above your fingers, inside his body," says [Ian] Kerner, "so by applying pressure here you're indirectly rubbing his G-spot." When you sense he's close to orgasm, rhythmically press the area (one pulse every second) until he climaxes.

So far, so good, but how about getting to his "G-spot" through a more direct route?

A more intense form of stimulation is to place a finger in his anus. First, gauge his interest by circling his back door softly with your finger while in a missionary of side-by-side position. "If he doesn't tell you to stop and his erection doesn't flag, he's likely enjoying it," says Kerner.

Now you're getting there, Cosmo. "If his erection doesn't flag"? What if it twitches and swells and grows? LOL.

Next, ask him whether you can insert your finger. If he gives you the go ahead, dab on lube (make sure your nails are short), gently put your finger 2 inches inside his backstage entrance, and curl it toward the front of his body until you feel a round bulb of tissue -- that's his prostate. Lightly tap or swirl your fingertip around it. "Then gradually experiment with going faster and firmer," instructs Kerner. Check to make sure he likes what you're doing.

I don't think that will be a problem.

The article goes on to talk about a man's "C-spot," "8-spot," "W-spot," "F-spot," "X-spot," and "R-spot," and "O-spot."

Ladies, happy hunting!

Men, now you have some ammunition to get your S.O. to touch you *there*. You know: "I'll touch your G-spot if you'll touch mine." LOL.

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