Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't judge a video by its title

First of all, I'm not sure why this video is called "Interracial Bisex." It features a blonde woman, a blonde man, and a brunette man -- all of whom look white to me.

After a snippet of the Woman and Blonde Guy sucking the Brunette Guy, there's an extended sequence of the Woman sucking both guys. At one point, she even rubs their penises together. (I'll have more to say about such rubbing soon.) The Woman and Brunette Guy go on to suck the Blonde Guy.

After another switch, the Woman rides Brunette Guy reverse cowgirl style. As he reaches around to stroke her, he also leans over to suck Blonde Guy. Occasionally, the Woman assists with the sucking duties. Blonde Guy also sometimes strokes her pussy. Blonde Guy gets even closer to the action when he licks her pussy, pulls out Brunette Guy's cock and sucks it, replaces the cock in the pussy, rinse, lather, repeat.

Blonde Guy gets on top of Brunette Guy and rides him reverse cowboy style, as the Woman sucks his cock. (A couple times, Brunette Guy's cock comes out and the Woman sucks him, too. I'm hoping this is a camera trick, and there was a condom or some soap and hot water used at some point.)

The guys help the Woman out of what remains of her clothes. Blonde Guy screws her, sometimes sucking Brunette Guy as well. The Woman sometimes holds his organ, sometimes sucking it herself.

Brunette Guy goes around to poke Blonde Guy as he's doing the same to the Woman. Brunette Guys goes back around the front for more sucking.

Soon, both guys are coming on the Woman's body, with generous servings ending up in the other guy's mouth.

I love how both guys seem to enjoy having sex with the woman. It isn't a gay scene with a woman added as an afterthought.

Another odd thing about this video -- besides the title -- is the lack of sound. I would have liked to have heard evidence of the performers' pleasure.

Anybody know who these performers are or what movie it might be from? I'd really like to see the whole scene with sound.

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