Sunday, January 30, 2011

Masturbation Instruction

I've discovered a new genre of video (new to me, anyway). It's called masturbation instruction (substitute the slang term of your choice). I can't imagine many men on the Internet need instructions in how to masturbate, but that's not really what these are about anyway. They're more like masturbation commands.

I've only seen a few of these, so I'm not sure how much I can generalize, but I'll try. Basically, a woman, fully or mostly clothed, comes onscreen and tells the (male) viewer how he should be masturbating -- how fast, what strokes, and most importantly, when he is allowed to (and must) come for her. I guess they're a kind of femdom* and also a species of the subgenre CFNM, since the woman may be clothed, but the man watching her: not so much.

Tip of, er, something to Married Sub, who alerted me to these videos. See his favorite masturbation instruction video.

(*) When I go looking for pegging material, I often come across femdom stuff, since people often associate the two, even though pegging doesn't have to include female dominance. But, then, some people like it and that's cool, too.

Update: Married Sub's comment below and recent post reminded me of yet another related genre: orgasm denial.


  1. Red Light/Green Light is good too.

    I totally agree that following the commands is what makes it so enjoyable. If she works in some tease and denial, it can be very exciting when she finally lets you cum. That is, if she does. :-)

  2. If she lets you come??! You poor thing!

    If you haven't already, you should read about my experience with The Boyfriend in Denial.

  3. I just saw this response. Must have missed it way back when you posted it. Anyway, very hot post. I LOVE slow hot sex with a "no cumming" demand until she is thoroughly finished.

  4. can u give me some denial orgasm instruction

  5. Sorry, moody. Maybe you'll find some sweet -- by which I mean cruel -- woman to deny you an orgasm. Or you can find videos on the internet.