Friday, October 16, 2009



That was my boyfriend's reaction when I told him on Monday that I wanted us to refrain from sex for a little while.

"It's just that I think you take me for granted sometimes," I started to explain.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Think about last week, when you went to Chicago for five days and called me -- what? -- once?"

"I'm sorry, lovey," he said trying to sweet talk me.

"You should be," I shot back, "and if you went without sex for a little while, you'd appreciate me more."

"All right, hon, if that's what you want," he said grudgingly.

I knew what he was thinking, though. On the occasional night when he wants sex and I don't, he stays up after I go to bed and, um, takes care of his own urges. That's why I took all of his DVDs — MILF videos, strap-on videos, MFF and MMF threesome videos — and all of his magazines — Playboys with his favorite centerfolds from the '80s — and locked them up. I also password-protected the computer, so he couldn't surf the Web for porn either.

On Tuesday morning, he asked, "Hey, baby, have you seen my videos and stuff?"

"You mean your wanking material? I put it away for a while."

"I'm not allowed to jerk off either??!"

"I said I wanted us to refrain from sex. Masturbation is sex, too."

"I guess that's why I can't use the computer. I need it for work sometimes, you know."

"I'll log you on and let you use it, but only when I'm around."

(I have to be honest here. Even though I said I wanted us to refrain from sex and that masturbation is sex, that didn't stop me from jilling off in the shower ever day. The sight of him in sexual frustration and the thought of what I'd do when I relieved him made me too horny to avoid touching myself.)

That night, my boyfriend did the dishes right after dinner. It's one of his chores anyway, but he's not usually so prompt.

Wednesday night, he vacuumed the carpet.

Thursday night, he put together a patio chair that broke months ago. I've never seen such an industrious man!

Friday morning, I woke at 5 a.m. and whispered in the ear of my still-sleeping boyfriend, "It's that time, baby." I reached under the covers and ran my hand along his nude body to discover, not surprisingly, that he had "morning wood." I stripped out of my pj's and panties and mounted his hard cock.

At this point, my boyfriend was wide awake. His brows were furrowed. He looked turned on and a little afraid at the same time. It must have been my stern look.

"Listen up, boyo," I barked. "You get to fuck me, but I decide the positions and I decide when you get to come. Got it?"

"Yes," he squeaked.

"Know what happens if you come too soon?"


"You've had four days without an orgasm. How would you like to make it eight days?"

"I understand, Miss Victoria."

(I've trained him to call me that when I'm feeling dominant. Nice, huh?)

I rode his cock ever so slowly. It was just enough movement to fill me up, but not enough friction to get him off. I reached down and stroked my clitoris and came almost instantly. The scene was really turning me on.

I rubbed myself to orgasm several more times, then dismounted. My boyfriend's face fell; his cock, on the other hand, was standing tall.

"You'll get to fuck me some more, silly," I said. "You can take me doggie style, but you're still not allowed to come."

I got on all fours, and he grabbed my ass and inserted his cock into my pussy. After several thrusts, he realized something was missing from our usual practice.

"Um, Miss Victoria, would you please reach back and tickle my balls?"

"Not this time, chum," I snapped. "I don't want you to come too soon."

So, I tickled my own genitalia instead and came multiple times.

I leaned forward, causing his cock to fall out again, and lay down on the bed.

"You can take me missionary, but you can't put more than an inch of your cock in me. And you have to make slow thrusts."

He groaned a little, but of course he agreed. After all, that was the only way he was getting any sex today. I lay on the bed and let him enter me.

He did as he was told — putting a little more than the head of his cock into my pussy and thrusting slowly.

"Would you like me to tickle your balls now?"

"Yes, Miss Victoria, please tickle my balls."

As I reached down, I warned him again, "Remember, no coming — yet."

The poor man was in delicious agony. The sensations he felt in his cock and his balls tantalized him. He moaned with the desire to let lose, yet his woman wouldn't let him come. I almost felt sorry for him. I would have felt sorry for him if his torments weren't turning me on so much.

"OK, baby, give it to me."

"Miss Victoria?"

"Yes, do it!"

I felt his cock explode into me. Wave upon wave of his come burst into me.

He came to rest upon me. Soon the clock radio went off, and as my man bustled around getting ready for work, I lay in bed dreamily with a pool of his essence inside of me.


  1. love the story... you might enjoy this one...

  2. Delicious. Your boyfriend is a lucky man to have such a caring loving woman to keep him in line.

  3. Yes, he is and I don't let him forget it!