Friday, October 9, 2009

"Bi Accident 3"

Once again, The Boyfriend was out of town, and I sat my berobed ass on the couch with a glass of wine, a sex toy, and a good video -- this one titled "Bi Accident 3." Although it's called "Bi Accident," everybody in the video seemed to be pretty deliberately engaging in bisexual activities.

Scene 1

Michelle Avanti tells a long-haired man named Chris -- at length -- how much she wants his cock. When she finally starts to get undressed, she tells him that her agreement with her boyfriend Julian is that any guy she picks up has to join in a threeway. After some hetero oral, Michelle invites Julian to join in sucking Chris' cock.

Chris fucks Michelle as Julian watches. When Chris pulls Julian in to go down on Michelle, he seems less interested in licking pussy than he was in sucking cock. Chris pulls out frequently to let both of his lovers suck the pussy juice off his condom-wrapped cock.

Chris switches to fucking Julian. Michelle masturbates and cheers them on.

"Tell him you want it fucking deeper!" she calls out. "Oh, it's turning me on."

As the guys continue fucking, Michelle licks Julian's balls and rubs Chris' chest. Julian bends over, and Chris fucks him some more, as Michelle slaps his ass.

Scene 2

This one features Niya Yu as a woman who brings home two guys. Midway through the scene, after various hetero sex acts, she says to the skinnier of the two, "I want him to fuck you in the ass."

He doesn't put up much of a fight before he bends over and takes it. Niya takes a licking from the bottom guy, but then quickly sits up to cheer on the men's fucking. Later, she strokes the bottom as he gets fucked, then finally she helps them both jerk off to orgasm.

Scene 4

Dakoda Brookes goes to surprise her boyfriend with some new underwear, but gets surprised herself when she finds her boyfriend about to get head from another man.

Declaring "You know, I've never seen a guy's mouth on another dick before; I think it would be so hot, it makes me so wet," Dakoda kneels down and joins the other man in sucking her boyfriend's cock. Soon, she's sucking both cocks in turn.

The boyfriend invites his guest to fuck Dakoda. When the boyfriend gets tired of wanking, he demands, "I want you to fuck me the way you fuck her."

All of them like that idea, so new guy fucks the bent-over boyfriend, who licks Dakoda's pussy. "My boyfriend's getting fucked in the ass!" she calls out. "It makes me so wet watching it." (Me too, sweetie!)

I had many lovely orgasms watching this video. Ah, Vickie is a happy woman!

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