Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jennifer's husband comes out of the closet

I'm not usually into the whole cuckold-bisexual scene. It's often portrayed as something the woman forces on her man and so becomes another form of femdom. On the other hand, if all parties are into it, then it can be a hot way to introduce an MMF threesome.

At the beginning of Jennifer's Husband Comes Out of the Closet, Jennifer's husband -- a bald man who looks like Michael Stipe of R.E.M. -- is masturbating to a threesome video showing a black man screwing a white woman as her husband holds her. Jennifer comes home and catches her husband watching this video. She freaks out, but soon agrees to cuckold her husband as he hides in the closet, just not with a black guy. (A lot of cuckold videos seem to have the added element of the other man being African-American. There may be a racist subtext to this, but it's clearly a turn-on for some people.)

Jennifer brings home a man from work. She assures him that her husband is not home. As Jennifer starts to go down on her lover, he hears something and asks what it is, prompting Jennifer's husband to come out of the closet (get it?).

"What's he?" the lover asks.

"He's a cuckold," Jennifer answers.

"Oh really? That's cool. Why don't you come over here and help your wife suck this cock, then?"

As the husband goes down on his wife's lover, Jennifer pushes his head down, encouraging him to take it deep. Husband and wife take turns sucking their lover, until she climbs on top to ride him cowgirl style. Hubby stations himself down below to lick his balls.

After a break for a little more sucking, Jennifer turns around for reverse cowgirl. Her husband inserts their lover's dick into her pussy. As they screw, he frequently goes down on both of them and, at one point, rubs the lover's penis against her clitoris before reinserting it.

(I have to say, much as I enjoy MMF threesome videos -- the definition of which is that there is some man-on-man action involved -- I sometimes miss scenes in which the woman is the center of attention, as you find in MFM videos. Very often in MMF videos, for example, you see the two men screwing, and the woman will be stroking or sucking the bottom man's cock. Don't get me wrong; I love that! But what about the reverse? What if the woman and one of the men are screwing? Why can't the other man stroke or lick her pussy? I've rarely seen that happen, but this video is proof that a woman can get that extra attention in an MMF video.)

More sucking, again with Jennifer strongly encouraging her husband.

Jennifer's husband goes down on her as their lover kisses her breasts.

"You two are wonderful," she says. "Get that pussy wet for that cock."

The lover goes back to screwing Jennifer, this time spoons-style. Again, Hubby licks both their genitals. She holds his face, so he can watch them screw.

Jennifer has her husband suck their lover as she masturbates.

More screwing and licking. The lover ends by coming on Hubby's face, resting on Jennifer's belly.

After he leaves, Hubby rims Jennifer and then comes on her feet.

I love the way the wife is turned on by what her husband is doing -- as much or more than what she herself is doing.

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  1. Hey, I discovered this site trying to re-find this video.

    As a 20something guy, I do like this oral bi cuckold stuff a little bit, although I do like it more without the cuckold and humiliation angles. And I guess that's why I liked this video; other videos by that site do seem to focus on humiliating the guy by having his wife cuck him and forcing him to suck, with some of them feeling a bit cringey. But this one is definitely different, like you said, I like how they have everyone into it throughout, which makes it hotter.