Friday, December 31, 2010

Anal sex: doing it right

In a blog post, sex advice columnist Dan Savage reads a column by professional scold Michael Medved and sums up his attitude as Lesbians Make My Dick Hard...but gay guys? Not so much.


The most common sexual practice between two men involves an act of aggression—inflicting more pain than pleasure for at least one of the parties.

Um, gee. I don't mean to toss sand into Michael's lube, but... straight people have anal sex too. Lots of anal sex. And they like it.

And anyone who's "inflicting more pain than pleasure" during sex—anally, orally, vaginally—is doing it wrong.

Vickie sums up:

  1. Lots of different people -- male-female couples and female-female couples, as well as male-male couples -- have anal sex. You just need a partner, and at least one of you needs to have an anus. (You don't even need a partner.)
  2. Believe it or not, some gay men don't have anal sex at all. Would that make them less disgusting to those like Medved who want to judge people by what they do in bed?
  3. And let's not forget Dan's last point: if you're inflicting more pain than pleasure, you're doing it wrong.
I recommend reading the whole post.

Tonight is New Year's Eve. I hope you stay safe and that you're able to give someone some pleasure. See you again in 2011.

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