Monday, January 16, 2012

Ruined Orgasms III

A few more discoveries on the subject of ruined orgasms. (I think this topic has risen to the level of an abiding interest, if not an obsession.)

Ruinit's videos

Someone called Ruinit has posted a series of videos to Xtube. The videos star Mr. Ruinit's penis, which is long and slightly curved and sports a cock ring. Co-starring is "Girl from work's" hands, which are nicely manicured and sometimes wearing jewelery. Spoiler warning: I give away the endings and whether they are happy or not.

Title and link: Girl from work ruined orgasm
Hand: Right hand, brown nail polish
Length: 16:30
Comments: I've written about this one before. It's a long video that ends with a ruined orgasm, but he must have wanted that, because he warns her when he's getting close to coming.

Title and link: Ruined orgasm again girl from work
Hand: Left hand, bracelet (maybe not the same "girl from work" as the first one?)
Length: 12:55
Comments: Another long video, but this one ends with no orgasm/ejaculation. It's either orgasm denial, or it's just the first part of the scene, the ending of which comes in the next video.

Title and link: Ruined orgasm #2
Hand: Left hand, bracelet
Length: 5:31
Comments: Could be a continuation of the previous video; the hand and the background look the same. Ends with a ruined orgasm.

Another Video

This video, Tease Denial Edging, was recommended in a comment by the Married Sub (tip of the dildo!). It's a lovely 13-minute handjob, ending in a ruined orgasm. You can find other videos of this same talented woman if you apply yourself. I don't want to post too much information for fear these videos will go away.


Milovana's slogan is "For the explorer at heart," so you might think it was about all kinds of sexual kinks. However, it's mainly devoted to femdom, specifically tease and denial.

There's a forum, in which ruined orgasms are a major topic of discussion:

Most of the participants seem to be men, but there are a few femdoms who add their opinions.

What really sets this site apart, however, are the web teases. Most of them are aimed at men and feature a woman telling the user what to do as he follows along (i.e., masturbates). Almost all have an element of femdom, and some lead to ruined orgasms. (Some let you make choices along the way the lead to different outcomes -- so to speak.) It's not easy to find the ones involving ruined orgasms. A few are tagged with ruined orgasm. You can also find them by browsing the forums where people talk about them. Here's a couple I like:

Why would a woman want to watch these? Simple: to get tips about how to dominate your man (if both of you are into this).

Note: Most of the videos are in the Flash format, which could be a problem for some mobile devices. There are also conventional HTML web teases, too.

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  1. Great post.

    I'm curious as to what you enjoy most about denying an orgasm. There isn't a lot out there from the womans perspective.

    From a mans point of view, I find the incredibly desperate state I enter to be the most exciting aspect. The more I am teased and denied, the more desperate I become for release which leads to a willingness to do just about anything she might demand. It's certainly a good way to warm the engines of slutty submisiveness and it opens the door for exploration of boundaries one may have previously thought to be out of reach.

  2. I think it's just the flip side of what you wrote. Just as you want to be submissive sometimes, women (some? most?) want to be dominant sometimes. Men often have the advantage, both in bed and out of it. It's nice to turn the tables sometimes and make a man desperate to have an orgasm.

    As you may recall, I wrote about similar feelings in Prostate Milking and Femdom.

  3. Somebody sent me a comment for this post that said, "Why write about ruined orgasms" because they didn't bring him any pleasure. I was annoyed by the comment and deleted it without posting it. Now I'm a little sorry I did, because I want to respond to it.

    Whether my commenter knows it or not, there are some men to whom ruined orgasms are a pleasure -- if a somewhat mixed one. The guys writing at the Milovana forums seem to enjoy them. Maybe they like the feeling itself, or the psychological thrill of being dominated by a woman in that way, or who knows? Even The Boyfriend, who didn't really like a ruined orgasm when we tried it, liked getting a long, slow handjob, up until the frustrating (for him) ending.

    I'm interested in what pleases men, especially what pleases my man. But ultimately, I write from a woman's point of view, and I can only say what turns me on. That's why I write this blog. I liked the experience of giving The Boyfriend a ruined orgasm, for reasons similar to those I wrote about in the related post:

    1. I get to stroke his penis
    2. I get to see him come (ejaculate)
    3. I get to deny him coming (orgasm)

    I liked doing it. I'm interested in writing about it and thought some of you would be interested in reading about it (and, to judge from my stats, some of you are interested). Just because some of you are not interested in a given sexual practice, it's not going to change what I write.

    Very truly yours,
    Vickie P.

  4. Wow, I really love ruined orgasms. I just stumbled across your blog while actually googling it, trying to find some new stuff.

    Too bad your boyfriend isn't interested in the stuff, i think i would love to be so lucky to have a girlfriend like you that's not afraid to ruin her man's orgasm for her pleasure.

    My fantasy would even be a step further, as every time i would orgasm it would be up to the girlfriend if the orgasm would be a normal one, or a ruined one. This way I could be enjoying my orgasms, and also would be a lot more hornier not knowing which way it's gonna be this time.

    One day I would be ridden until i fill my condom in her pussy, but the next day just when i'm about to cum she would pull it out and sit on my face, making me lick her as she gets off enjoying my twitching and throbbing cock, cumming hands free.

    Or imagine doing it doggy style and just when i'm about to cum she says, pull it out, cum on my ass, and when i want to jerk off the orgasm she gets ahold of my hands and let's it dribble out all over that hot ass.

    Also, have you thought on doing a ruined orgasm instruction video yourself? You don't need to show your face and maybe even modify your voice with a program, as you enjoy writing about it, why not go further. Imagine people all over the world would get their orgasm controlled by you, and not even know.

  5. Oh, my, Gogo, you have quite an imagination!

  6. My mom told me how to control boys. I let my boyfriend please me... he eats me out really good... I cum every time. I keep putting off his cumming... I play with him through his underwear but not too much. He has a really big dick and when he is ready... really hunching and panting I make him go home. I tell him next time I'll take his underwear off and suck him. But I never do. He falls for it every time. I am completely satisfied. I love to watch him squirm and struggle. We've been dating since the start of this semester and I think I'm ready to let him jerk off but only if My mom gets to watch... she loves the idea.

  7. Wow, you're my heroine! Good job, sweetie.

  8. my mom has kept me chaste for my wedding except for a few wetdreams. now she is helping my girlfriend continue with my prep for an unblemished wedding. they allow me to satisfy my girlfriend orally and using a variety of dildos. to keep me in line they strap a freezer bag to my dic bals and insert a frozen stainless steel plug in my bum. when my girlfriend is complete they remove my icy tools and admire how shriveled and pink my peter balls are. once in a while I leak profusely but no spurting like in my dreams. my peter feels really good all the time but balls are really achy. Im ready for a real dam buster. my girlfriend has finally accepted my proposal but now she and mom are not sure they want all their work to be ruined with an unrestricted hardon. goddamn!

  9. His behavior is much better after ruined orgasm than when he have full orgasm

    1. Very true. This is reason enough for ruining your man's orgasm.