Friday, August 28, 2009

Peg a man and make him a better lover?


Would men be better lovers if pegged once? - Women's Health Support Forums

Posted: 27 Aug 2009 11:33 PM PDT

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  1. My opinion is a resounding yes. On both an emotional and a practical level, I have learned so much about intimacy from being pegged by my wife.
    As crude but likely example, not that I would wish it to happen to anyone, as a male you can learn a great lesson about the discomfort of having intercourse before your partner is prepared. Just take a too-thick strapon with too-little lube one time and you will make very certain your partner is more that ready for what you plan to put inside them.
    On an emotional or connective level, there is a siginificantly different dynamic when you are catching rather than pitching. Though it isn't something I well understand (nor can I articulate), taking/accepting the yang/thrusting/eros from a partner puts the receiver in a state of mind that differs form the giver. I think it goes both ways too. In appropriately light hearted fashion, I have noticed and commented on the "performance anxiety" my wife sometimes experiences when she peggs me. She has indicated a much better understanding of the pressures I feel when I am the one on top.

    In essence, pegging is a good way to start a candid and open discussion about each other's needs and concerns. Books might try to tell you both sides, but the lessons from the role reversal of pegging are hard to replicate.