Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bi Bi American Pie

Bi Bi American Pie 7 and Bi Bi American Pie 10

What if I could combine my two interests -- women fucking men with strap-ons and MMF* threesomes?

Well, lucky for me, one my fans here suggested the Bi Bi American Pie series, directed by Angela D'Angelo.

I recently watched "Bi Bi American Pie 7" and "Bi Bi American Pie 10." Each has three scenes featuring MMF threesomes. Each scene includes the woman fucking one of the boys with a strap-on. Some of the scenes had much fucking of the boys with both real and fake cocks. And that was hot and all, but sometimes the woman's real body parts were sadly ignored. Like the woman who wrote Dan Savage about her pegging-obsessed boyfriend, I wanted to say: "Hey boys, remember pussy?" Other scenes made up for it with generous servings of pussy fucking and pussy eating.

Ah, Vickie is a happy woman!

Bi Bi American Pie 6

In the sixth installment of the series, my favorite scene features an actress named Envy, who has a sexy accent. (According to Web sites, she's Polish-Canadian.) She introduces the scene:

I don't know what it is, but I like to watch two guys fucking each other. Sucking their dicks, making them wet and hard. Sticking their dicks up their ass. [sighs, rolls eyes, smiles] I just want to see it. It's one of my fantasies.

She watches one guy suck another, then joins in. Later, as she's riding one of the guys, she seems to get an idea:

Sometimes I wish I have a penis. [Pause.] Actually, I do.

She uses the strap-on on the other guy, and all ends happily.

* MMF = two males and one female grouping, in which the two males have sexual contact.

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