Thursday, June 20, 2019

Portrait of a Yilf: Lucas Frost

My new favorite YILF, or Youth I'd Like to Screw, is Lucas Frost. He is a beautiful, 28-year-old porn star. He sometimes wears a well-trimmed beard, but always has boyish good looks.

What I really want to write about, though, is his penis. I've noticed that often when he gets an erection, that gorgeous organ stands straight up! While many cute starlets in the adult film business have played with that penis, I'm more interested in what some of the sexiest MILFs have done with it. And it's not just because I am a "woman of a certain age" myself.

Benjamin Franklin — yes, that Benjamin Franklin — advised young men to make love to older women. The last reason was that "they are so grateful!" Women of a certain age have more options these days. But think about this: Let's say you're a woman who is close to 50. If you've been screwing men your own age, it's probably been a while since you've seen an erect penis that stood straight up. So, if you get your hands (or mouth or pussy) on such a penis, you're going to bestow upon it all the joy that your years of experience have taught you how to give.

So with that in mind, I went to IAFD to look up Lucas' appearances with the oldest and sexiest MILFs I could find. This is what I found:

  • Darla Crane
    • Latest scene with Lucas: 2016
    • Her age: 50.3 (you go, woman!)
    • His age: 25.6
    • Age difference: 24.7 years
  • Syren De Mer
    • Latest scene with Lucas: 2016
    • Her age: 47.3
    • His age: 25.7
    • Age difference: 21.6 years
  • Julia Ann
    • Latest scene with Lucas: 2018
    • Her age: 48.8
    • His age: 27.5
    • Age difference: 21.3 years
  • Reagan Foxx
    • Latest scene with Lucas: 2019
    • Her age: 48.9
    • His age: 28.1
    • Age difference: 20.8 years
  • Brenda James
    • Latest scene with Lucas: 2017
    • Her age: 47.0
    • His age: 26.7
    • Age difference: 20.4 years
  • Dana Vespoli
    • Latest scene with Lucas: 2017
    • Her age: 44.3
    • His age: 25.9
    • Age difference: 18.4 years
  • Brandi Love
    • Latest scene with Lucas: 2019
    • Her age: 45.8
    • His age: 27.9
    • Age difference: 17.8 years

While I was, um, researching this post, I discovered a different type of scene Lucas has done. I said above that I would totally worship Lucas' penis given the chance. (OK, I said "a woman close to 50" who hasn't seen a really virile penis in a while. You probably guessed that was about me. All right, I admit it.) But that doesn't mean Lucas shouldn't worship pussy sometimes, right? Well, in these scenes, he goes down on a woman until she comes. Then — get this — she sends him on his way. You might say he gets nothing in return. I wouldn't. Pussy worship is its own reward, dammit.

I am all for this kind of femdom practice. If Lucas were my sweetheart, I'd make him worship my pussy, make me come, and leave him with blue balls. But only for a day or two. I couldn't let that beautiful penis suffer any longer.


  1. This "girl crush" that you have on young Mr.Lucas Frost is very,very, hot...You paint the perfect picture with your words...But, it also makes me a little envious, as well... I need to do my own research on this young man and his hard straight cock and see what this is all about...

  2. I am also very turned on by age differences in porn. Do you have the clips of the cunnilingus followed by her kicking him out? Would like to see that. I've had a few sexual encounters where I went down on my partner, she came, and simply fell asleep. Very hot.

    1. I'm so glad that's a turn-on for you, too. Check the comments on your blog.