Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot Amateur MMF Video: Bisexual 3way with Coast Guard Buddy

Update: This video seems to have been taken offline. This is one of my most popular posts, so clearly many of you are looking for it. It was one of my favorites, too. I'm sorry it's gone.

Sometimes, after I've been watching commercial porn for a while, I forget the sheer passion and sexual electricity of amateur videos. Bisexual 3way with Coast Guard Buddy is quite hot. It appears to feature real people, not actors, who are all into each other and into what they are doing.

It starts with a 40ish couple getting undressed and getting in bed. He's fit; she's blonde and delightfully curvy. Soon, however, another nude man (bald, also fit) appears. They all kiss and fondle each other. Hubby goes down on his wife. Their buddy lies alongside and focuses on the woman's upper body. Hubby goes back and forth between his wife's pussy and his buddy's penis. They trade places: hubby kisses her lips and breasts, while their buddy ministers to her pussy.

Buddy also sucks Hubby as he strokes his wife's pussy. Buddy moves around to the wife's head, where she can hold his penis so Hubby can suck him. Buddy reaches down to fondle her pussy.

The wife takes over sucking Buddy, as Hubby goes to screw her. Hubby takes a turn sucking Buddy, but continues to thrust hard and fast into his wife.

Then everyone rotates. Buddy lies down on the bed, Wife straddles him taking his penis into her, and Hubby goes around behind and takes her anally. That's right, it's double penetration (DP). Hubby does most of the thrusting, but the wife sounds as if she's experiencing some amazing sensations. (Unfortunately, the viewer cannot see her face during this portion of the scene.)

Hubby pulls out, and Wife continues to ride Buddy cowgirl-style. Hubby stands over them, so Wife can suck him. Then he bends down to give Buddy a turn.

Again, everyone moves. Buddy screws Wife in the pussy, and Hubby screws her mouth. The two guys hold each other's asses as if to encourage thrusting. Hubby reaches down and strokes his wife's pussy, as the other man screws her. (I've said before that I wish there was more of this in MMF videos: when the woman and one man are performing heterosexual acts, the other man can and should provide some extra attention to the woman's pussy.)

Buddy and Wife shift to kissing and slow screwing, as Hubby prepares to enter him anally. They engage in what I call a "man sandwich" for some time. They get a good rhythm going, and everyone seems to be getting off -- not least the wife. At one point, Hubby pulls out and goes around to the front to have Buddy suck him while continuing to screw his wife. Then they go back to the man sandwich.

Change places. Wife lies on the pillows and has a sip of wine as she watches Hubby start to screw Buddy. She slides down so Hubby can stroke her pussy.

Back to the woman. As Wife sucks Budy's cock, Hubby alternately strokes her pussy, has Buddy stroke his cock, has Buddy suck his cock, watches the other two and masturbates, and has Buddy suck him some more. (It's possible that Hubby comes in his friend's mouth, but if so, it happens off the top of the screen.) Hubby walks around the bed, leans over the other two (kissing his wife's breasts or sucking his buddy's penis, I'm not sure), walks around again, then sits down as if to watch and masturbate some more. That's when the video ends.

The men don't seem to come on camera, but if not, I think we can assume they did soon after filming stopped. All in all, a very hot 48-minute amateur video.

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