Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Video review: Throbbing Three Ways

I'm enjoying the video Throbbing Three Ways. Most scenes in it have two men and one woman and all of those are MFM. That's good news and bad news (IMO):
  • Good news: Lots of attention is paid to the woman.
  • Bad news: No man-on-man action
With that in mind, my favorite scene is called "The birthday box." It features Olivia O'Lovely, who is indeed lovely (and zaftig) as the birthday girl whose husband presents her with a big gift-wrapped box. If you guessed that it contains a naked man, you were right.

Olivia and Hubby soon strip down. She sucks Hubby's cock and Giftboy licks her pussy. They move to the bed, where Olivia sucks Giftboy, and Hubby strokes her with both hands. Various other positions for cock sucking and pussy rubbing.

Olivia goes down on Giftboy, and Hubby screws her from behind. Hubby goes down on Olivia, who sucks Giftboy. Hubby screws Olivia; Giftboy dips his cock and balls into her mouth.

Olivia climbs on top of Giftboy and rides him, as Hubby watches. Hubby gets on the bed to get his cock sucked. Olivia turns around and rides Giftboy reverse cowgirl. She strokes herself as she does so. The guys soon come, too.

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