Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Work on your techniques, people!

You may have heard about a big new study on Americans' sex lives called the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior.

Some of the news reports sniggered over the discrepancy between the percentage men who think their last partner had an orgasam (85%) and the percentage of women who actually did (64%).

What I found much more interesting, however, was this nugget: the survey listed five "techniques" one might use:

  • penile-vaginal intercourse

  • solo masturbation

  • partnered masturbation

  • oral sex

  • anal sex

Not surprisingly:

Women reported they were much more likely to have an orgasm if their partners used more than one technique; 54 percent of women reported having an orgasm the last time they had sex when they engaged only in one act, but 89 percent of women who performed five sex acts during their last encounter had an orgasm.

Men get off from almost anything, of course (ha!). You can still use multiple techniques on your guy. As readers of this blog know, even anal sex can be practiced by a woman on a man.

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