Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wanna F*ck My Wife Gotta F*ck Me Too 3

With a title like that, it's not hard to figure out what's going to happen. I'm going to tell you about scene 4, my favorite.

When the scene begins, an African-American man is sitting on a couch at a party and masturbating. Jordan Blue (very blonde hair and big breasts) and her white husband sit down next to him and discuss his large cock. Soon they proceed to suck it.

They arrange themselves into a chain, black man licking Jordan and white guy sucking black man. "Oh, baby, you look so sexy with that dick in your mouth," Jordan purrs to her husband. However, the black man seems less interested in giving head than in getting it, so the white couple go back to sucking him.

Another oral chain, but this time Jordan seems to lose interest and tells her husband she has a surprise for him. She wanders off, and white guy occupies himself with more cock sucking.

When Jordan comes back, she's wearing a strap-on, which she plunges into her husband's ass, while he continues to suck cock. (Strap-on sequences often seem like an afterthought in bi porn, but pegging afficionados will enjoy the length of this one.)

When she's done, the black man takes a turn screwing the husband, who, in turn, goes down on Jordan. At times, apparently the sensations in his ass are so intense that he leaves off his husbandly duties and Jordan strokes herself. The men change positions, and Jordan sits on husband's face, so he won't be so forgetful. Remember pussy?

Their partner clearly does, so he soon pulls out of husband and slides into Jordan. They do it in the missionary position, and all the while Jordan strokes herself. Next is reverse cowgirl, but Jordan has trouble moving and stroking herself at the same time. On to rear entry, in which Jordan can fan her flames into an inferno. Her body is virtually twitching after her last orgasm. This is what a sexy woman does, boys. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you; it just means that she wants to enjoy herself to the fullest.

Were you wondering what husband was doing all this time? Me neither, but he's masturbating at the other end of the couch. Everybody comes happily ever after.

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