Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big Switch 3: Bachelor Party

I picked up The Big Switch 3: Bachelor Party (1991!) for the MMF threesomes, but I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the hottest twosome I've seen on video in some time. The "plot" is that the whole video takes place the night before a couple are to get married.

Bride-to-be Tracy Winn is sitting at home getting more and more jealous of her fiance who she imagines at his bachelor party with "strippers and hookers and his scumbucket friends who will fuck anything that moves." (She's right, of course.) As she angrily flips through a magazine, she runs across an ad for male entertainers. She calls and orders a muscular long-haired guy. She changes into a body stocking and awaits her man.

Steve Ryder (a.k.a. Danny Celaya) struts in, and he is DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. He asks if she wants "the basic or the extra." Tracy chooses "the extra," naturally. He puts his tape recorder on the bed and starts dancing around and stripping down to a thong. Tracy is alternately embarrassed and turned on. As he starts to pull his penis out of his thong, Steve tells Tracy, "This is the extra." She takes hold of it, kisses him, and soon begins going down on him. And there's plenty of "extra" to go down on!

After a bit of ice play, Tracy climbs on top and Steve fingers her crotch. They turn over, and Steve goes down on her. She really seems to come at this point.

They change places once again, and Tracy rides Steve's "extra." When Steve rolls her over and gets on top, we get a good look at his muscular ass plunging against her body. Tracy has an extra good time here as well.

Two advisories: Tracy never takes off her body stocking, so you don't get a good look at her breasts. This may be a problem for some people. However, you do get a good look at her full, natural pubic hair. This may be a problem for some people; not for me, however.

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