Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's up your b*tt? Some serious talk about your prostate

I saw this bumper sticker today. I understand its purpose is to raise awareness of colorectal cancer, something about which we should all be concerned. However, it's also a reminder that men of a certain age -- and you know who you are -- should get their prostates checked regularly. I gather that having a doctor put his finger in your backdoor will probably not be as much fun as having someone special shove something up there. However, your loved ones will thank you.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Prostate Milking and Femdom

Just when I think I understand boyparts, this comes along: Another very effective milking technique has a whole bunch of lovely tips for prostate milking your man (such as, "You just have to be careful that you never, ever touch the head of his penis" *), then this:

But strangely, he doesn’t really cum that way, it’s not like a real orgasm where he spurts his cum all over. To hear him describe it, and from what I’ve read about it, it’s not really sexually pleasurable for a man. It’s more frustrating than pleasurable. Like intensely frustrating. My hubby describes it as getting close to cumming… getting close… getting close… getting really close… and then “OH FUCK!”… not being able to cum.

The "submissive transvestite" who blogs at In Stockings agrees. In a post called Ass Whore, he describes riding "Miss H"'s strapon:

I felt a rather week feeling of cumming and looked down to see a huge puddle of cum flooding across Miss H's stomach. We both kind of looked at each other in shock and I rolled off of her, both of us smiling ear to ear. It was definitely something new for each of us. I never felt that kind of building pressure in my cock followed by an orgasm and release the way I would if I were just masturbating or having regular sex. Instead it was more of a pleasurable sensation followed by ejaculation with little if any orgasm involved. While it was nice, it had all the drawbacks of cumming (feeling instantly out of the mood for anything else sexual) and none of the bonuses (experiencing the pleasure of a full orgasm). Which actually puts it even behind a standard ruined orgasm on the pleasure scale.

This was certainly news to me! I thought that when a man comes (ejaculates), he comes (orgasms). No need to guess, as you guys sometimes need to do with us women. But if it's possible to make him come (ejaculate) without letting him come (orgasm), do you know what this means? Why, I can have my cake and eat it, too, so to speak! If I'm in the mood to deny The Boyfriend an orgasm -- and I am sometimes -- I can milk his prostate.

I get:

  • To play with his butt

  • To see him come (ejaculate)

  • To deny him coming (orgasming)

He gets:

  • Prostate stimulation

Advantage: Vickie!

* This is very important, because if you give him too much penile stimulation at the same time you are giving him prostate stimulation (stroke and poke, you might say), you might give him the ultimate male orgasm, according to Svetlana at Sex Secrets. That's nice, too, of course, but it's a very different outcome if you were planning to deny your man a real orgasm.

Tip of the dildo to New Ryder for the first post.