Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's up your b*tt? Some serious talk about your prostate

I saw this bumper sticker today. I understand its purpose is to raise awareness of colorectal cancer, something about which we should all be concerned. However, it's also a reminder that men of a certain age -- and you know who you are -- should get their prostates checked regularly. I gather that having a doctor put his finger in your backdoor will probably not be as much fun as having someone special shove something up there. However, your loved ones will thank you.

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  1. My female PA left for a different job so I was shopping for a new one. I just happened to draw a male one for this visit. I don't care; I just want to see the same person every time I go to the doctor. I sort of interviewed him while he was checking me over and told him I was looking for a new regular and he said he didn't have a problem seeing me every time but that I should know, his fingers are bigger than Jessica's. LOL I hired him on the spot; great sense of humor. Size does matter.