Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bob McDonnell's cuckold defense

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia and his wife Maureen are accused of taking bribes from a businessman dealing in dietary supplements. The couple are now alleging that Maureen had a relationship with the businessman that "some people would consider inappropriate" and that he was her "favorite playmate" (which "implies there was more than one playmate," as MSNBC's Chuck Todd drolly notes).

Just wow. Is the governor trying to save his skin (and avoid decades in prison) by admitting that he is a cuckold and his wife is a slut? (Not that there's anything wrong with cuckoldry in my book, as long as it's consensual cuckoldry.) If he's telling the truth, that's kinda degrading. If he's lying, not only is he crooked, but he's willing to drag himself and his wife through the mud to get away with it.

There are some problems with this story. Many of the gifts and loans, such as the money for his real estate firm, the golf games, and the Ferrari ride, seem aimed at him rather than her. And whatever favors she did for the businessman, he seems to have done some, too.

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  1. It is funny that he seems to be taking it right from the Underwood's playbook, but honestly, I think as time goes on, society will learn that this cuckolding thing happens a lot more than people openly admit to.