Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A change in The Boyfriend?

In the past, when The Boyfriend and I saw a woman in public we admired, he would say:

"I'd do her."

He's been watching cuckold videos (at my encouragement, naturally). Recently, we saw a hot MILF walking down the street, and he said:

"I'd like to watch a man with a big cock do her."


  1. I can emphasise with the change in 'The Boyfriend's reference of pleasure, though my frame of reference is slightly more personal, in that the 'MILF' is my wife, and it is attractive males that I see and think "I wonder if he well endowed...I'd love to see him do my wife....and perhaps me also" Fantasy can be such a delight. (James - XHam)

  2. James, thank you for your hot comment. The Boyfriend has not reached your level of admiration for male beauty, but there's hope. What's your screen name on Xham.? Do I know you there?